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I’m a certified spiritual and metaphysical teacher, energy healer and the best selling author of spiritual self help books, that combine the science behind the spiritual, hidden history and knowledge of our star ancestry to help you understand your multidimensional self. 

To learn more you can listen to my spiritual podcast, buy my books, read my blogs or sign up to an online course or group program.

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    Join this paid Masterclass and learn how to structure your book, who you are writing it for and what to put in it. You will leave with a structure, ideal reader avatar and chapter heading breakdowns.
    Join us in this interactive Masterclass online where we connect with consciousness (energy) and learn to read, hear and see it.
    What does energy mean? What is consciousness? And why do we need to re-activate our DNA at this time? Join us in this interactive Masterclass, ONLINE. 

    Join my Ascension Masterclass where we discuss ascension, moving to a 5D world and how this is enhancing your psychic abilities (as well as look at what they are).

    Join us in this interactive Masterclass online where you will learn what remote viewing is, how to do it, and how to protect your space before you enter the quantum field. 
    Join this paid Masterclass and learn the art of channeling - what it is, how to do it and how to protect yourself. You will also experience a demonstration, as well as try it for yourself.

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