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Hi, I’m Elisabeth, a certified Life Coach, Energy Healer, Theta Healer, Quantum Hypnosis therapist and Past Life Regression therapist using many different modalities to help you get unstuck, move forward in life, and re-balance your wellbeing and sense of self. 

Having studied multiple energy modalities, from advanced Theta Healing to Quantum Hypnosis (QHHT) to NLP, to Akashic records and Transcendental Reiki, I use whatever it takes to help you improve your life and connect you back to your true potential. 

As the world continues to wake up, we are understanding that life is not random and it doesn’t end with this one. It’s a journey, and each incarnation gives us a chance to expand our consciousness and find what we came here to do (purpose). Then live it. 

All my 1:1 sessions help you to go deep inside of yourself, where all the answers to your life can be found. You’ll be amazed how wise and knowledgeable your Higher Mind is, and how infinite your Subconscious Mind is. 

If you are looking for more clarity, more purpose, an understanding of how your past lives have helped and hindered this one, and some help in ‘energetically’ improving your life, then book a 1:1 session below. For longer term sessions send a message HERE

connect to your inner world

Intuitive Coaching

In this 60 or 90 minute session we dive deep into your subconscious or higher mind, to find answers to those big questions in life. Perhaps you are at a cross roads and need to make some decisions or you just want confirmation that you are on the right track. On this 1:1 Video Call, I will personally help you to:

  • Connect to your Higher Mind, so that you can feel more confident and empowered with where you are now.
  • Find clarity in your life so you can understand your Life Path and create steps to get there.
  • Help you make decisions that resonate with you and align with your life path, and purpose.
  • Find any areas of self sabotage – or things that are stopping you from achieving what you want – and start to release them. 
  • In the 90 minute session we will put some plans in place too. 


“Elisabeth has a special – almost magical – talent! She really, really, really, ‘gets’ people. And once she ‘gets’ you, she knows how to help you – and nothing can stop her! She is incredibly perceptive and tenacious and doesn’t let you off the hook, but she is also exceptionally warm, open-minded and non-judgemental and consequently, wonderfully motivating. I am a shy, retiring and modest type by nature. Elisabeth saw that and implicitly understood how to help me open up without scaring me off. She also saw my innate talent and didn’t let go until I found the inner confidence to really believe in it myself and to allow myself to dream big. Once I was able to see my dreams clearly, she helped to set clear, sensible but also surprising goals that I am really motivated to achieve. Now I am energised, focused and excited about the future!”

Client Review

If you are thinking about an energetic alignment session with Ruth Elisabeth please don’t hesitate! She will make you feel so at ease and what can be achieved in a single session is amazing. The results continue far beyond the session. Ruth Elisabeth uses modalities such as intuitive reading – which brought me instant answers and clarity – and also energy clearing – to move on limiting energies such as fear and uncertainty. Ruth Elisabeth is so knowledgeable in her field and the absolute authority on energy work for real life results.

Raise your frequency

Past Life Regression Therapy

In this 60 or 90 minute session we connect to past lives that may be affecting you in this life so you can release the trapped emotions around them. This can be a transformational session. On this 1:1 Video Call, I will personally help you to:

  • Identify and release past life traumas from your energy field (letting the emotions go).
  • Work through the life lessons learned from each one to help the subconscious mind let them go.
  • Connect to the Higher Mind to discover why it showed you these lives (we have lived millions of them).
  • Find out who you have karma with in this life and start to release it. 


“It was an experience of a life time or should I say many lives. As a breath coach professional and yoga instructor I like to try out things and this session was indeed very interesting wherein I got many answers to the repetitive scenarios in my life that I feel are holding me back. Be it professional, personal and health related. All my queries were answered through this past life regression session conducted by Ruth Elisabeth. Thank you so much”

Client Review

Ruth Elisabeth really guides you through the process with ease and provides all the relevant information required which made me feel very safe and comforted. She is extremely patient and kind through the entire process. An incredible thing happened which is worth mentioning – I have been working on healing my PCOS and had been waiting to get my period for 2 months now. It came up during my session where Ruth worked with my subconscious to heal it. I got my period right after! This was only one of the many things we tackled in that one session. Ruth’s energy, intellect, patience and guidance will be a blessing for whoever decides to work with her.

eliminate limiting beliefs

Energy Healing

In this 60 or 90 minute session we focus on your wellbeing and vitality. It is my belief that we did not come here to suffer. We came here to help, to learn and experience moving into a next density consciousness (4D/5D). On this 1:1 Video Call, I will personally help you to:

  • Help you to connect to parts of your body where past traumas are stored as trapped emotions. And release it. 
  • Improve the flow of your life force (chi) to release stagnation, procrastination and trapped energy. 
  • Find out if your subconscious mind believes you are benefiting from your beliefs so you can let them go.
  • Put some tools and techniques in place to continue energising your life, and raising your vibration. 


“Ruth Elisabeth has a diverse yet deep knowledge about healing methods across many disciplines. I underwent the Quantum Healing Hypnosis Therapy (QHHT) session with her to understand how my past lives were affecting my health and emotional fears in this life. She is extremely patient and helpful in untangling confusing thoughts and emotions to deliver clear and definitive learnings that has helped me understand not only my mental but also physical self better. I cannot recommend a session with her enough if you truly believe.”


What My Clients Say

I recently hired Elisabeth’s services to analyse my business activities and marketing strategy which has really benefited my business. The changes that she recommended have streamlined my services. Elisabeth re-evaluated my target market and made changes where she simply re-aligned and showed me the best way to approach them by keeping things realistic, simple and cost effective. With her knowledge and expertise, she made improvements in my sales techniques. These changes have had a positive impact on my company giving me clarity about goals.

I always think I have it all figured out and rarely look at others for help or advice. I guess that has been my drawback and the one thing that has held me back from truly unleashing my potential. With the help of Elisabeth I am slowly learning how to share my ideas, accomplishments, failures and fears with others. We all need a push sometimes or clarity besides our own, even if we are going in the right direction. Everyone has a mindset, Elisabeth helps fine tuning and helping us use that mindset to its full potential. I am very grateful to her for her professionalism and support

I met with Elisabeth to gain clarity on my professional goals. She delivered beyond my expectations, analysing my threads of thinking and plans and focussing me to understand what triggers the greatest passion/interest and why. She has a knack of bringing everything together in a simple and concise manner that helps you to see where you are going, so you can set energising and realistic goals that take you there.



Meet Ruth Elisabeth

With a degree in business and a masters in personnel development, Elisabeth has been coaching business leaders and CEO’s for 20 years, specializing in mindset, purpose and goal setting, so they can achieve more success in their business and life. A few years ago, after suffering from burn out, stress and depression, she discovered energy work and hasn’t looked back.

Changing your energy, changes your business success…and life!

Elisabeth has now introduced many energy and holistic modalities into her coaching, consulting and training practice, to help her clients achieve faster results: NLP, energy medicine, intuitive coaching, advanced theta healing, reiki, quantum reiki, transcendental meditation, quantum hypnosis (QHHT) and is also certified in stress management, clinical nutrition and life / life purpose coaching.

Working with the mind, body and spirit (consciousness) she helps her clients to transform their lives, by changing their energy, perceptions and beliefs and achieves this through 1:1 sessions, group training and online courses.

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