2022 Energy Forecast

2022 is all about the continuation of moving into higher energies, which will be accelerated in 2022 and 2023, and as such this year will have a profound effect on humanity. We began our ascent into a higher vibrational resonance around the late 1980’s (as can be seen by the Schumann Resonance which records the electromagnetic resonance of the earth and has risen from 3.2Hz to 7.8Hz) but this has been accelerated by our planetary shift in space, as our solar system moved into a new place in the cosmos. Around 21st December 2019 we entered the energy field known as The Photon Belt, which is an invisible field of higher spiritual vibrations, thus improving the spiritual condition of any planets that pass through it. Saturn passed through it in 1987. As we move through this energy field it will have an enormous effect on our world and the people living in it, culminating in even higher energies as we move into the core.

In particular, 21st March and 21st September are key dates when huge shifts in energy will in turn shift consciousness. You may start to feel different at this time – more hopeful about things and more in line with your soul and heart, as your innate spiritual nature starts to wake up. This energy is pushing us towards the end of 2023, which is when we receive a massive energetic transformation that will last for 20 years and take us into the light age – a period referred to in many ancient texts. The Vedic’s, Mayan’s and Biblical scriptures all refer to this period of change, as we move out of the ‘dark ages’ and into the ‘light’. This occurs every 5,000 years, but luckily, we will never go back to the dark ages of now, as the entire universe moves up too. I visualize it like a huge conveyor belt, where we are all moving up to each level, along with the other planets and civilizations in this universe too. When we read religious texts and books as historical documents, they actually make far more sense. It’s our ancestors passing on important knowledge to the next generation to let us know what has been, and what is coming. We already know that the Sumerians were very advanced for their time, we just don’t know how or who they were. We think that skyscrapers, microchips in the brain, nuclear power and electric cars are a sign of a civilized planet, but maybe we have got this bit wrong. Maybe an advanced civilization is more about the mind – in a bigger universe than us – and using our innate super abilities that are part of our DNA but not yet switched on?


On an individual level, the first wave of energies will shift after 21st March 2022 many of us will start to feel more content with life and with far less resistance. The low vibrational energies create a sort of low vibrational fog – Egregore – that you probably aren’t even aware of. It’s easy to get stuck inside an Egregore because our entire collective consciousness is one, just make sure you are inside a positive one, not a negative one. Always ask yourself if it is helping you to live a better life or helping humanity to thrive. The removal of this layer of resistance means that dreams and goals will feel easier to achieve so this is the year to think big; whatever your heart desires can finally become a reality. In the meantime you can work on whatever is holding you back or stopping you from achieving your heart’s desire such as feelings of unworthiness or not feeling good enough to receive your dreams.

As the earth moves into a higher dimension herself, and we are flooded with higher energies anything that does not match this higher frequency bandwidth will no longer be able to exist in this world. This means that any outdated systems will start to fall away and this will affect every part of our current paradigm. This is probably going to create quite a bit of turmoil in our world, but there are also many positives too.


Along with the higher energies will come creativity, inspiration and innovative new ideas that will create new opportunities and ways of doing things. This means we will all start opening up to new ways of being and doing, resulting in many new products, services and companies that are more in harmony with the earth and soul of our planet. Innovation to clean the seas and water, repair the land and heal the body will surface, along with new technologies that can help us to move into a more self aware and ‘conscious’ time. AI and micro chip brain implants have been around since 2016, and in certain circumstances can be helpful to people who have lost the use of their limbs etc, but they can also be hacked by more unscrupulous people. So, it’s not the technology that is the problem it’s how we decide to use it. We are in charge of our lives and this world, so this can be a very empowering time for many of us, as we truly step into our own sovereignty.


Humanity is moving into a new era which will not only redefine the soul, but will also allow more people to thrive. Too many people are stuck in lives they hate, trapped by debt, location and living in a dictatorship or chronic health issues caused by stress and disease. Worry, fear and depression have kept the world gripped in a low vibrational state for a long time but as these higher energies flood our planet we will all start to feel different. This may be better or worse, depending on where your consciousness is now, but remember it’s never too late to start working on all your unresolved ‘stuff’. The more self development you do, the higher your levels of consciousness will rise. And the higher your levels of consciousness are, the easier the transition will be.

90% of our DNA is thought to be junk, but it isn’t junk, it’s simply remained dormant and the higher energies will be reactivating dormant DNA in our bodies, that will help us to raise our vibration and step into a better existence. 2022 is set to start the ball rolling which will lead us into even bigger changes in 2023, but what those changes are still depends on us. This is our planet and our collective consciousness, and we can choose the outcome of everything. What future do we want?


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