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About Me


Hi, I’m Elisabeth, a homeschooling mum, writer, researcher, speaker and strategic leadership & energy coach who is passionate about sharing my insights into energy, spirituality, consciousness and multidimensional living. My services are designed for any conscious individuals or companies interested in reaching their full potential: Bridging the gap between science, spirituality and human potential.

It’s been an enlightening journey of self-discovery that began in the corporate world, where I spent 20 years helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals and maximise potential.

However, a series of ‘supernatural’ experiences following the death of my mother and birth of my daughter sparked my curiosity and opened the door to a completely different understanding of life and how humans thrive.

Through my research into spirituality and the science behind the ‘woo’, I’ve discovered a whole new world that’s providing me with constant guidance and inspiration. Opening myself up to this alternative way of being has radically improved my life. I now want to help everyone else connect to their energetic self, raise their level of consciousness and feel as good as I do.

My work is based on the fundamentals of quantum physics, neuroscience, transpersonal psychology, epigenetics, energy psychology and NLP. I combine science and spirituality, enabling you to harness the energy within your quantum field to reach your multidimensional potential, connect to your inner wisdom and access your innate power source.

If you are feeling fed up, exhausted, burnt out or disillusioned with life, don’t despair. There is readily available support, guidance and knowledge from ‘beyond the physical’ that can help you thrive. A great starting point for accessing this higher level of consciousness is reading the book I’ve written or signing up for my Energy Mastery online course.


“Elisabeth has a special – almost magical – talent! She really, really, really gets people. And once she gets you, she knows how to help you – and nothing can stop her! She is incredibly perceptive and tenacious and doesn’t let you off the hook, but she is also exceptionally warm, open minded and nonjudgemental…Once I was able to see my dreams clearly, she helped me to set clear, sensible but also surprising goals that I am really motivated to achieve. Now I am energized, focused and excited about the future!”


Elisabeth has a BA (Hons) in Business and an MA in personnel development from The University of Brighton and has also been a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) for 21 years and the European Coaching & Mentoring Council (EMCC) for 7 years. A previous lecturer of business planning, financial management, marketing and people development to undergraduates, she is a life long learner and has many certificates in things like life coaching, advanced crystal healing, quantum healing hypnosis technique (QHHT), stress management, life purpose coaching, transcendental quantum reiki, clinical nutrition as well as being a Master NLP practitioner, a Reiki practitioner and an Advanced level Theta Healer.

Elisabeth is a life long learner and self improvement advocate and has studied many Eastern philosophies, The Silva Technique, Shamanism, Psychic Development programs, ESP, Hypnosis and more in order to get the best results for her clients and step into the best version of herself.