I’ve discovered a whole new world that’s providing me with constant guidance and inspiration.

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Hi, I’m Elisabeth, an intuitive mentor, writer, researcher and teacher of ancient knowledge who is passionate about sharing their insights into energy, spirituality, consciousness and the multidimensional universe. I work with both conscious individuals and companies who are looking to make a positive difference and want to claim back their true multidimensional selves. 

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Having spent the past 20 years helping individuals and businesses achieve their goals and maximise potential, my life changed course in a way that I wasn’t expecting: A series of ‘supernatural’ experiences following the death of my mother and birth of my daughter sparked my curiosity and opened the door to a completely different understanding of life and how humans thrive.

Through my research into spirituality and the science behind the ‘woo’, I’ve discovered a whole new world that’s providing me with constant guidance and inspiration. Opening myself up to this alternative way of being has radically improved my life and I now want to help everyone else connect to their energetic self, raise their levels of consciousness and step into their true potential.

My work is based on the fundamentals of quantum physics, neuroscience, transpersonal psychology, epigenetics, energy psychology and NLP. I combine science and spirituality, enabling you to harness the energy within your quantum field to reach your multidimensional potential, connect to your inner wisdom and access your innate power source.

If you are feeling fed up, exhausted, burnt out or disillusioned with life, don’t despair. There is readily available support, guidance and knowledge from ‘beyond the physical’ that can help you thrive. A great starting point for accessing this higher level of consciousness is reading my first book, Work Your Energy or signing up to one of my Online Courses. 


Elisabeth has a BA (Hons) in Business and an MA in personnel development from The University of Brighton and has also been a member of the Chartered Institute of Personnel Development (CIPD) for 23 years and the European Coaching & Mentoring Council (EMCC) for 8 years. A previous lecturer of business planning, financial management, marketing and people development to undergraduates, she is a life long learner and has many certificates in things like life coaching, advanced crystal healing, quantum healing hypnosis technique (QHHT), energy medicine, stress management, life purpose coaching, transcendental quantum reiki, clinical nutrition as well as being a Master NLP practitioner, a Reiki practitioner and an Advanced level Theta Healer.

Elisabeth is a life long learner and self improvement advocate and has studied many Eastern philosophies, The Silva Technique, Shamanism, Psychic Development programs, ESP, Hypnosis and more in order to get the best results for her clients and step into the best version of herself.


Intuitive Mentor

You are surrounded by an invisible field that is talking to you all the time. It can heal you and provide guidance and wisdom, which will transform your life. 

Intuitive Development

Learn to access deeper parts of yourself, and the quantum field, in a safe and supported environment and start switching back on your innate skills: Mind sight, telepathy, ESP and deeper intuition.

Quantum Healing

We are made of energy, which changes our perception of what we are truly capable of, and who we really are. Genetics is showing that we can heal ourselves, whilst quantum physics is telling us that this is all created by sound. Are you ready to heal what needs to be healed?

Remote Viewing

Moving your consciousness around in the quantum field is something we can all do. It allows you to understand others, perceive more about this world, and connect to lost knowledge. Once something has been energetically or physically created, the energy of it always remains and is accessible to us all. This is the Akashic Field.

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I dedicated years to my spiritual and intuitive development, and now I want to teach you how to do the same. Deepening your connection to spirit, is the same as deepening the connection to yourself. 

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