The Aldebarans, Elohim & Anunnaki

The Aldebarans, also known as the Illijm (and according to some researchers are also a branch of the Anunnaki) are said to be the elohim from the bible in the book of Enoch, who came here in the past, maybe as far back as 65,000 years ago. They came from the Aldebaran solar system or the Alpha Tauri star, which is the brightest star in the Taurus constellation and are said to be a race of very white skinned people with blonde hair and blue eyes. They came to this earth and began playing around with the genetics of the life forms, including humans. 

When they arrived here they found humans, but with a lower level of consciousness, and less technologically advanced, as them.These people are said to have led into the sumerians, down through arcadia, babylon, egypt, asia and into europe; branching off into many parts of the world. They were occultists who were able to use magic – and spread this knowledge into the world through the mystery schools and secret societies – and possibly even into the world leaders of today. 

It is interesting to note that the company who makes the drink Red Bull, which in itself is a bull, and as such links to Moloch and satan worship – most likely an interdimensional being that is based in the Taurus constellations. Has recently created another product called Alpha Tauri, which is dedicated to the brightest star in the Taurus constellation. Red Bull is often described as one of the marketing successes of our time, because not only has it occasionally been voted as one of the worst tasting drinks of our era but there has been more than one death resulting from it, due to the high levels of caffeine. 

In my opinion this is a sign of magic being used, because there is an irrational element to it. Why would people buy a drink that tastes awful and can cause death unless there was an energetic pull towards it? An energetic spell that makes them behave in a way that they wouldn’t usually behave in? 

What is addiction if not an energetic pull by the mind – never the heart – which as I talk about in my last book can be hijacked. All electromagnetic fields of energy, including the mind, can be hijacked and interfered with using technology such as MK Ultra mind control.

If these Aldebarans were living on this planet and wanted to make a lot of money – and they started the money slavery system (that can be traced back to Babylonia), wouldn’t they use magic to sell their products? 

And wouldn’t it be in their best interests to create a mind spell that not only stopped people from waking up to this tyranny, but also kept them stuck in the daily humdrum of struggle, chaos and exhaustion of working to pay taxes? 

So, if this is the case, what can we do about it? 

First of all, I believe that they are leaving the planet – if not have left – and it is only these hybrid human/aldebarans left, or people who craved fame and riches so much that they sold their soul off for it aka made a deal with these satanic energies. Incidentally I am not saying we can’t want fame or riches, but our reasoning, or intention, behind it has to be true, which is why it’s better to link your passions and purpose to your life path, not be sucked in by wanting fame, for fame’s sake. The reality TV culture is a prime example of this.

Secondly, we can stop buying ‘their’ stuff, using ‘their’ platforms and lining ‘their’ pockets – because we know that they use this money against us. We need to support local businesses, each other and step off the mainstream (news, education, shops etc.). We need to create communities with people that share our values, and are also wanting to make this world a better place to live in – of which there are many. The more we gravitate towards people who share the same values as us, the faster we are creating a world that more of us will want to live in.


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