Altered States of Being, Dimensions & Subtle Energies (Psychic)

I’m always being asked how all these different things work together, in a more normal and sciencey way, so I decided to write this blog to help you understand how all these different terms fit together.


As I talk about a lot in my podcast – Work Your Energy – we all have an energy field around our bodies that stretches out up to 9ft. As it’s energy it’s invisible to us but we are starting to develop more technology that can see it, such as Kirlian photography, invented by Semyon Davidovitch in 1939, the aura camera by Guy Coggins in 1970. Often called the Aura or Auric Field, it contains a lot of information about us; memories, thoughts, emotions, consciousness and frequency (light) and the field of Bio-field science and energy medicine are utilising the information to start healing the body and eliminate dis-ease. When your aura looks dull or dark, your body is burnt out and could end up getting sick, when your aura is bright and white, your body is healthy and is replenishing you as and functioning well.


This energy field is the central area for your psychic abilities because psychic abilities revolve around electromagnetism, electrical charge and energy. The ability to be able to see aura’s, decode energy as information and intuitively access the past or future, as well sense or ‘know’ things are all connected to being able to see, hear or sense energy, and these senses are known as The Clairs. Clairvoyance is actually the most common 6th sense because we are a visual species and those dreams, desires and intuitive warnings that pop into your mind are often the energy field or consciousness connecting with you and conveying information. It is always doing this and is called our Intuition, but we can’t see it, so we tend to feel it or sense it instead. Energy carries consciousness, consciousness is frequency and frequency is information so we are being bombarded by subtle information all the time, we just need to turn our attention back to it.


We all have the ability to channel energy for healing, wisdom and even creativity (because ideas and inspiration lives in the field). We can action this healing in two ways: Set the intention that you want to heal a part of your body, and then either visualise the energy traveling down from the cosmos and into the place that needs to be healed (whilst watching it fully heal), or use your hands (reiki or pranic healing) and place them over the part of the body that needs healing whilst commanding that source energy travel through your body and hands. Once you feel the pulsating feeling of energy coming through your hands then you know that it is working.


There are said to be 12 chakras but only 7 of these are in the body. The Inneractive Aura Video System has been able to show the existence of the 7 chakras in the human body, which are said to be tiny little vortex’s of energy that run back and front of the body, in a cone shape, facing inwards. Blockages and stagnation can affect the flow of energy, creating ‘blockages’ that force the energy to flow in the wrong direction. This can affect our health, clarity, sense of wellbeing and even our success, and are an important part of energy work. In metaphysics there are also said to be 5 more chakras, which connect us to other dimensions and allow us to activate our bodies into their higher potential.


Each chakras connects us to a different dimension, but they are not places to go, they are states of being. We already live in multiple dimensions, maybe even infinite, if the universe really is infinite (which is looking likely) and we can already connect to other dimensions, we just aren’t aware of it. Lower dimensions can pull in lower dimensional energy and frequencies whereas higher dimensions are higher frequencies, and thus contain more beneficial information and wisdom for us. The higher dimensions can also heal our bodies and we can channel in healing from source, inter-dimensional beings or entities to help with this. Michio Kuko is a string theory specialist, and describes dimensions as being all around us, maybe even above our heads. Our eyes can only see a very small proportion of the electromagnetic field – less than 0.1% – so there is an infinite sea of energy that we are beginning to know is there (from increasing technology) but we can’t see. We are part of this sea of energy and can sense it and feel into for information, creative ideas and healing, because it is alive and teaming with life: As Nassim Haramein says, it is entirely possible that not everything will have evolved into a physical body like we have – some may have an energy field or aura but not the density of the physical body. As humans we have density (physical form which can be seen as slowed down energy waves) and dimension, which can be seen as the physical realm of matter that we live in – 3D or 4D. If you have ever had that moment where you catch something in the corner of your eye and wonder what it is, then you are probably seeing something from outside the capability of your eyes and brain, but the second you focus in on it, your brain will try and turn it into something it understands. This will be physical form because that is what the ego is searching for, and will always find. The eyes can already see more than the brain shows us, as thousands of studies have evidenced.


Our full potential is obviously accessing more of the energy field, our psychic abilities and our multidimensional self, but how we will do this, we don’t know yet. I believe it revolves around consciousness though and the more we learn about it (there are a lot of people researching it) the more we will discover how to physically access it in order to change our world and lives. We can access it energetically, as the various bio-field industries are showing but I feel that we have yet to learn how to harness it fully in order to exponentially transform our world. I expect it will allow us to walk through portals into other dimensions, as well as see into the 4th dimension, levitate (we can already do this), flip between invisible and physical (as we are energy on the subatomic level), manifest faster and travel ‘back’ through space and time. As the energies of the planet rise and move into a higher dimension – 5th – more of the lower density energy will start to fall away, and with it resistance, energy pendulums and egregores, enabling us to live in harmony, feel more connected and start creating a far better world for our children.

If you are interested in reading more about this then read my new book – Work Your Energy: The entrepreneur’s guide to raising your vibration, tapping into higher consciousness and achieving more happiness, wealth and success 


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