Are We Living in A Computer Simulation?

In 2003 Nick Bostrom wrote a paper titled “Are We Living in A Computer Simulation?” and published it in The Philosophical Quarterly. He went on to say that an advanced civilization could be so advanced that they could have the technology to create what he now terms ‘base reality’. He is not alone in his thinking, there are many quantum physicists, individuals and scientists who believe we are living in a computer simulation, including Elon Musk. The Holographic universe theory supports this too and actually once you realise that everything is energy, frequency and vibration (to quote Nikola Tesla) the holographic theory is the next logical step.

As I talk about in my latest book (WorkYour Energy: The entrepreneur’s guide to raising your vibration, tapping into higher consciousness and achieving more happiness, wealth and success) we are not as solid or static as we think and thoughts and emotions float past our brain in the thousands- in the form of frequencies – all the time. We get to choose which thought we want to grab hold of and run with and have far more power than we believe we do. Although the mind gremlins feel very real, they aren’t, and they only have power if we choose to give them power (not believing what they say, whilst lovingly sending them into the white healing light works very well because love heals everything) but they are so embedded in our society that most of us don’t know that they don’t even belong to us.

Then in 2011 James Gates, PhD, Director of the Centre for String & Particle Theory discovered computer code (strings of 0 and 1’s) hidden in the equations used to describe the universe. But it wasn’t any old code, it was a certain type of error correcting code that was invented by Claude Shannon in the 1940’s. In fact its the same type of code used in search engines to pick up errors and thus enhance the quality of the data. So, what does this mean exactly?

It means that the equations used to describe the universe has error correcting code in it, so what we are seeing is possibly a distortion or fake reality of some sort. Maybe even an overlay created by code to make planet earth look and behave a certain way. Is this what is meant by the veil of illusion?

So, if we are living in a simulated universe, who or what could have done this? A civilization more advanced than us?

There is increasing evidence on Earth, Mars and even the Moon, of an ancient advanced species, via the artifacts, ancient ruins/statues and even technologies that have been discovered. All you have to do is ask how humans invented/created maths, the pyramids, astronomy, writing, architecture, agriculture and even science and the arts, and we can see that we didn’t create it, we inherited this knowledge from a civilization who were more advanced than us: Whether physically or energetically, who knows.

The ancient texts, cultural myths, cuneiform tablets and even the bible talk of the powerful ones (Elohim) that came from the heavens to the earth and created mankind “in the likeness of them” and even created the planet – by beings who terraformed the earth after a great flood. Nearly every culture around the world talks about beings from heaven or space creating the earth, humans and animals, and there are 500 accounts of a great flood from nearly every culture, but so far we have put these ancient stories down to a vivid imagination. (although we do have evidence of a great flood/s now from ice samples in Greenland and seashells found on the tops of many mountainous areas around the world).

However with the new discoveries in our DNA it is hard to ignore these stories now. Now that we have mapped the human genome we are beginning to discover more and more about humans, and it’s beginning to look very likely that we have been genetically modified in some way.

All humans have 46 chromosomes (23 pairs) which make up our DNA and each chromosome governs specific areas of genes, we also need to remember that genes only make up around 2% of our DNA so the idea that we are 96 or 99% the same as a chimpanzee is based on our protein coding genes, and the rest – often called junk DNA – we have no idea what it is for, because it literally doesn’t come from this planet, as was discovered in the Human Genome Project who say “97% of human DNA is genetic code from ancient alien life forms”. Although more recent studies are beginning to show that the junk DNA could be the part that is responsible for switching on the genes (and is what creates the huge amount of differences between humans and chimpanzees) which is interesting because this then begs the question of what is switching it on (or even off)? The Morphic field, consciousness itself or something else entirely? Many cultures talk about advanced beings descending from flying ships that brought knowledge, so if these ancient accounts are right could they have created physical changes in us too? Here are a couple of recent findings that many scientists are saying are impossible for these to have occurred via natural selection:

  1. Chromosome 7 (controls speech and complex language) and the gene FOXP2, after being dormant for 100 million years suddenly switched on around 200,000 years ago thus linking up the mouth, tongue and jaw with the brain enabling us to use our mouth, jaw and tongue to create complex sounds. All primates have this gene but it only switched on with us.
  2. Chromosome 2 shows signs of being fused together and inverted (said to be impossible for this to happen naturally) which switched on the gene TBR1, responsible for enlarging the neocortex part of the brain by 76%, switching on compassion, empathy and also self regulation (self healing). This gene also switched on around 200,000 years ago, the same date that is given for the birth of modern man aka Homo Sapiens. In fact according to Bruce Lahn, assistant professor of human genetics at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute, during this time period humans benefitted from a lot of genetic mutations and the changes in the human brain alone involved “hundreds or thousands of mutations in hundreds or thousands of genes” making this virtually impossible for it to have happened naturally.

So, is an advanced civilization that can genetically create or alter humans and manipulate a planet even a possibility?

Yes, it is and there are many researching it, because they (like me) are beginning to wake up to the distinct possibility that this planet is not what we believe it is and life shouldn’t be quite this hard. For some time now I have felt that we are being interfered with on an energetic level, and as we are ‘toddlers’ in the grand scheme of the universe, it is easy to play around with a young species like us – especially if no one even believes in anything outside of themselves.

How can our mental health be affected by something that the majority of us don’t even believe is there? If you are suffering from mental health issues, I would recommend seeing a more open minded or even spiritual psychologist (there are plenty around) and you will get far more real help that can alleviate your suffering.

According to Russian astrophysicist, Nikolai Kardashev civilizations can be separated into classifications according to their energetic consumption. Humans are not even on the classification list because we still live off dead plants and meat to sustain our bodies and burn fossil fuels to sustain our planet so we are a Type 0.

Type 1 consists of a species who can harness energy from a nearby star which would enable them to be able to control the weather and earthquakes. According to the Kardashev scale human beings are set to harness this type of energy within 100 years so we are not as un-advanced as we think.

A Type 2 civilization can harness the energy of an entire star and has a lot of power at their disposal, such as being able to vaporize objects and even move planets (matter and energy are interchangeable at the quantum level – matter is slowed down energy waves).

A Type 3 civilization would be a master race being able to control biological things (such as us) and could even be a cyborg race – they would not have to be human, they could be robotic.

A Type 4 civilization allows them to harness the energy of the entire universe, and as such they would also be able to live inside black holes where a massive amount of energy exists.

And a Type 5 civilization would be ‘god-like’ and would be able to manipulate the universe (and the knowledge in it) as they please and even create worlds.

So, how does this knowledge of living inside a computer simulation help us now?

Because it helps us to wake up to new possibilities that the majority of us are not even aware of. It helps us to wake up to the possibility that the staggeringly high and increasing amount of depressed people on this planet are not really depressed but are being ‘interfered’ with by an invisible force and it also helps us to wake up to the massive amount of potential and power we have as a species already and in my opinion it is time for us to take back this power and remember who we really are.

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