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Work Your Energy

Isn't it interesting how life unravels and with so many synchronistic encounters feeling destined to be? Well, that's how my book came together too. It started out as a book about energetic business growth for female entrepreneurs, and ended up researching the energy field, higher consciousness and multiple dimensions. Why? Because of some strange experiences after the death of my mother and with my toddler in our home. I felt compelled to explore them and see if they could be true, and what I discovered is that they could be! I now feel certain that we live in a multi dimensional universe with energetic portals and multiple timelines, all waiting to be accessed by us, so we can transform our lives and live that amazing life we came here to live! Purchase a copy, and access the free downloads below. Get ready for the ride of your life!

Reader Review

I've been aware of energy work before and am even Reiki attuned - but I think I needed the scientific information and the exercises in the book to fully open my relationship with/acceptance of energy work. Now all day today, I can't get enough of the energy around me. It's constantly feeding and uplifting me. I feel like a different person. Every cell in my body feels alive, there was energy flowing everywhere, and amazing colours. I was able to totally focus on the feelings with very few thoughts or analysis. It's been one of the best experiences of my life. Thank you!

The Archetypes

If you have a copy of my book then download these archetypal cards so you can complete The Archetypes exercise in my book.

“an absolute pleasure to read. It simplifies a very complex world and really shows you how to use ‘energy’ to up-level your life and business. Many tangible golden nuggets to take-away and implement on a daily basis”

Sirin Ortanca

“I discovered Ruth's podcast when I was working with clients on ways to move their businesses forward. None of us had really looked into energy and its influence before and several of them really connected with the idea”

“I've always been a spiritual person but this book has taught me that I'm only using a fraction of what's available to me! I enjoyed journalling for answers, 5 pillars of vibration, and our brain doesn't hold much data”

Laura Weeden

Book Glossary

As there are many complex terms and words in my book, I have put together a downloadable glossary, so that you know what my thoughts were when I wrote it. Because of the nature of the invisible world and the constant evolution of terminology we all have different definitions. These are mine.

Work Your Energy.

These downloads have been designed to work alongside my new book, so if you need to buy a copy of my book first, then you can do so by clicking on the link below. The first download is The Archetypes, which are a variation of Carl Jung's 12 archetypal figures. Working alongside the British illustrator Tori Dee, we created some very colourful and detailed images to enhance your connection to your intuition and The Energy Field. If you are fascinated by consciousness, quantum physics, energy work, or are looking for life changing exercises that you can do at home, then I am convinced you will enjoy my book!

The second download is the glossary for my book, which I felt was better listed here than in the published version, because it allows me to add to it and update it with new science as time goes on. Over 6,000 words of complex terminology simplified and explained.