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Work Your Energy

Isn’t it interesting how life unravels and with so many synchronistic encounters feeling destined to be? Well, that’s how my book came together too. It started out as a book about energetic business growth for female entrepreneurs, and ended up researching the energy field, higher consciousness and multiple dimensions. Why?

Because of some strange experiences after the death of my mother and with my toddler in our home. I felt compelled to explore them and see if they could be true, and what I discovered is that they could be! I now feel certain that we live in a multidimensional universe with energetic portals and multiple timelines, all waiting to be accessed by us, so we can transform our lives and live that amazing life we came here to live! Purchase a copy, and access the free downloads below. Get ready for the ride of your life!


Our Energetic Universe

Our Energetic Universe is a compilation of some channeled messages that I downloaded when I first began channeling 5 years ago. I worked with a shaman who taught me how to, and whatever your beliefs are around this technique, it has helped me so much in my life that I love it. Of course, you have to have a lot of discernment so that you can understand who you are connecting to – inside the invisible field – but once you learn how to do it properly it can transform your life.

Channeling can be used for accessing wisdom from the akashic field, healing your body (and the people around you) and understanding more about yourself and the universe. Depending on who you are channeling the information can change, and also be a bit confusing, however it can also be hugely enlightening and expands your consciousness like nothing else. 



This is my 3rd book and the one I really wanted to publish, when I published my first book, Work Your Energy! However I decided to release Work Your Energy first, which is all about the science behind energy healing and spirituality (that uses examples from my life and business) and make this my next book. It’s all about our galactic heritage, where humans really come from, and why we are here. 

Although no one has all the answers yet, this book explores everything from ancient tablets, to religious texts, to ancient artifacts, to skeletal remains, myths and legends and esoteric wisdom, whilst looking at our star heritage and the changes in our DNA, that support the idea that we are being continuously upgraded via the Morphic field. Who is upgrading us?

Nobody knows, but you can read what I think in my next book!


What My Readers Say

“an absolute pleasure to read. It simplifies a very complex world and really shows you how to use ‘energy’ to up-level your life and business. Many tangible golden nuggets to take-away and implement on a daily basis”

– Sirin Ortanca

"Great book, really easy to read and understand. The concepts are explained with such clarity that you can imagine how they’ll work for you as you read it. There are a few books around on this subject but this is the best I read so far"


“I've always been a spiritual person but this book has taught me that I'm only using a fraction of what's available to me! I enjoyed journalling for answers, 5 pillars of vibration, and our brain doesn't hold much data”

– Laura Weeden


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I dedicated years to my spiritual and intuitive development, and now I want to teach you how to do the same. Deepening your connection to spirit, is the same as deepening the connection to yourself.

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