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Clearing your Chakras & Healing your Heart

Chakras are tiny little energy vortices in your body, and we have well over a hundred of them but the seven main ones run up the centre of the body as you can see from the image below.  

We have technology that can show that chakras are real, called an Inneractive Aura Video System so we know they are there. Essentially consciousness (energy) needs to flow around the body, as it brings information, wisdom and guidance, whilst also replenishing your energy field, and healing you, but if you have blockages in your energy centres – in the form of trapped (unhelpful) emotions or limiting beliefs – then consciousness can’t flow.

We are made of consciousness – it gives physical form to our bodies and animates us as quantum physicist Nassim Haramein says – and when we are fully connected to the energy field we not only receive upgrades from it, but we can change and improve our lives; because we have the power to tap into this energy source, and create anything we want from it. 

The pictures in the electromagnetic or auric field in the image above, are a representation of the limiting beliefs that can get stuck in our field – imagine that they are stuck ‘energetically’ between the atoms in your body (or connective tissue) – stopping consciousness from flowing in and bringing you what you want to experience (and observe into being). The more we start releasing these pictures, the more we can get consciousness flowing through our body again and get us back into flow, and at one with the heart and body. Different stories or pictures get stuck in different chakras or parts of the body, so finding them and releasing them will allow your energy to flow back up the chakra system again. 

The 3 Lower Chakras

The first three chakras are related to the physical world, and not only keep us plugged into this physical reality, but also keep us stuck in physical world problems. Epigenetics tells us that memories get passed down in our DNA, and replicate through the RNA, so we inherit programming, conditioning and the beliefs of our ancestors, from up to 40 or even 100 generations ago. When you look at the past 3,000 years alone, we can see a lot of struggle, pain and suffering, which has probably culminated in the regular wars, fighting and destruction that we still see today. We are simply living out the traumas and abuse of our ancestors, which in turn is keeping our heart sad. We have to start clearing the stagnation and trapped memories out, and get the energy flowing around the meridian lines again. Everything physical in our world begins with energy – clear the energy and you will change the physical.

There are many tools that you can use to start releasing stagnation and clearing out limiting beliefs from your chakra system, but I use journaling, intuitive meditation and kinesiology to find the issues, and then release them with energy practices such as energy ‘healing’, Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), meditative visualisation and affirmations and mantras. View my YouTube video HERE for 6 tools and techniques you can learn now or learn EFT (Tapping) HERE.

Alternatively, you can start listening to the Solfeggio Frequencies – vibrational frequencies that when listening to regularly can really improve, your health, and sense of wellbeing (mental health).

1.The Root Chakra (Mantra: Lam / Solfeggio Frequency – 396 Hz)

    Position: below the base of your spine, where you sit down

    Survival stories of food, shelter, poverty and clothing are held in the first chakra, known as the Root Chakra so if you constantly feel worried about money, have a lot of fear or stress around things related to food, paying bills, accommodation, work etc. then you most likely have a blocked root chakra. This chakra is also related to feeling secure and grounded, so if insecurity is a problem for you, or you don’t feel very grounded in your life, then this could be another sign. Clear it out by listening to music incorporating the Hz Frequency above.

    2. The Sacral Chakra (Mantra: Vam / Solfeggio Frequency – 417 Hz)

    Position: count 4 fingers down from your belly button

    The 2nd chakra holds programming related to emotions, sex and creativity. It is my belief that when this gets blocked (causing the energy to flow the wrong way around the body) it not only affects our ability to create (aka manifest) but it also makes it harder for us to manage our emotions, and we can often sit in low vibrational ones for too long. Humans are an emotional species, and it’s our emotions that drive us in life so if we are being driven by low vibrational emotions, fear, anger etc. then our life is not going to be as happy as it should be. We need the high vibrational energy to manifest our desires, because manifestation is all about resonance – we attract the vibration we are currently at – often called embodiment. Rape, sexual trauma or ancestral abuse of the female can leave lasting memories and traumas that can get trapped in your chakra and energy field and when you look back at the treatment of women over the decades you can see that even if our ancestors didn’t experience it, it is still in our collective consciousness, which we are entangling with all the time, taking it on as our own. Non consensual arranged marriages, marriage of minors to old men, sex slavery, child sex trafficking, female genital mutilation and more. It can all get trapped here, passing down to each generation and bringing our vibration even further down. Clear it out by listening to music incorporating the Hz Frequency above.

    3. The Solar Plexus (Mantra: Ram / Solfeggio Frequency – 528 Hz) 

    Position: count 4 fingers up from your belly button

    The 3rd chakra is your personal power and is related to self esteem, confidence and worthiness, so when this gets blocked it can manifest as low self esteem, victim mentality or a feeling that you don’t deserve a good or happy life. This victim frequency is inside many of us and I have found it is one of the main reasons for self sabotaging our success in life. If you are a great manifestor but then ruin it a few months later (as I always used to) then this chakra is probably blocked. It is the one that is most related to your career, so it’s important to clear this ‘out’ if you are trying to manifest more success into your life. To do this we need to begin doing healings on our solar plexus chakra, journaling to find out what may be causing the self sabotage (we always need to create awareness first) and then positive affirmations to rewire the brain. Clear it out by listening to music incorporating the Hz Frequency above.

    4. The Heart Chakra (Mantra: Ham / Solfeggio Frequency – 639 Hz)

    Position: where your heart is, but in between the ribs 

    2nd Position: an upper heart chakra is also located where the thymus is

    The heart is related to family, relationships and self love and in my opinion is the hardest one to heal, but definitely not impossible. It links the physical dimensions (the lower three chakras) with the higher dimensions (upper three chakras) and as such is the path to enlightenment (ascension) and the gateway into the quantum realm. Having worked with many people I can see that most of us have ‘blocked’ or traumatised hearts, resulting in the chaos we have in the world today. When we can’t feel our heart energy we are blocked off from compassion, empathy and love. All important vibrations of energy that we need in order to be able to connect to Source and Higher dimensions of joy.

    To heal the heart try the following tools:-

    • Listening to guided meditations to rewire the brain.
    • Heart focused meditation, which you can find on the HeartMath Institute website or you can use my visualisation method where I thought about the happiest day of my life as many times a day as I could. It’s just about feeling those high vibrational feelings as often as you can. 
    • Drinking a daily drinking measure of Ritual Cacao every day which is a plant medicine and works by therapeutically opening up the heart. Check it doesn’t contain an overload of heavy metals though.
    • Journaling to understand any limiting beliefs and ancestral trauma, especially around feelings of inadequacy, self doubt, lack of confidence and low self esteem.
    • Practising Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) 
    • Listening to music using the solfeggio frequencies, especially the frequency that links to the heart, 639Hz. 
    • Practice breathwork to breathe out trapped negative emotions (we are made of energy) 

    The 3 Upper Chakras

    The top three chakras are connected to the energy field and source energy around us, and as such are not related to the physical world that we live in. As you can imagine if we have blockages in the lower chakras then the flow of energy is not able to run through our body and reach the heart, thus blocking our ability to connect with the energy field, and manifest from it. 

    5. The Throat Chakra (Mantra: Yam / Solfeggio Frequency – 741 Hz)

    Position: the throat area, where the adam’s apple is 

    Sound creates matter, as the field of Cymatics demonstrates. When I first started energy healing I soon realised that I had a very blocked throat chakra, and wasn’t able to say what I truly thought about things or ‘speak my truth’. The throat chakra is linked to the sacral, so lack of creativity affects both chakras. In fact my throat chakra was so blocked that I had already started to manifest pain and sickness into my throat, and was suffering from a lingering cough and sore throat. The first time I had a healing on my throat chakra I burst out crying, and literally felt a huge release of energy flowing out of my throat. I felt so much better, because crying is just a release of energy – we are the ones that have turned it into a weakness or feelings of shame. You can even sing, do breathe work or practise deep breathing exercises as it all releases stagnation and trapped thoughts from the throat. Clear it out by listening to music incorporating the Hz Frequency above.

    6. The Third Eye Chakra (Mantra: Om / Solfeggio Frequency – 852 Hz)

    Position: in the middle of the forehead, between the eyes 

    Although our physical eyes can only see less than 1% of the energy field that we exist in, our third eye can see all of it, as Remote viewing evidences. The ongoing research on the pineal gland is showing us that this is a mystical part of the body for us, and the bit that makes us a ‘supernatural’ species. Blockages here are related to lack of intuition, discernment and not trusting yourself. If you don’t believe in gut hunches or that there are some things that you can just ‘know’ without being able to prove it, then you may have blockages here too. Getting goose bumps is a sign of intuitively knowing something too. Clear it out by listening to music incorporating the Hz Frequency above.

    7. The Crown Chakra (Mantra: Silence / Solfeggio Frequency – 963 Hz)

    Positon: top of the head in the little dip on the skull As I outlined before all the top 4 chakras (the heart included) connect us to the energy field but the crown connects us to Source Energy and the cosmos in a way that helps us to become more enlightened and more connected to higher knowledge. The crown chakra is connected to the higher mind – which is often referred to as the 8th chakra, therefore is just above the crown. We can channel healing through our body from the crown and source energy. The crown can get blocked with limiting beliefs or denial of the existence of anything beyond our physical reality and what we can see. Technology, quantum mechanics, cosmology and more is starting to show that we are far more than just our physical body, but the Eastern cultures and mystics have known this for centuries. Blockages in the crown chakra can be things like not feeling connected to a purpose or lacking meaning in your life. Other areas could be things like being easily distracted or bored in life, spiritual disinterest or finding it hard to feel expanded or connected to the divine, nature and the universe. Clear it out by listening to music incorporating the Hz Frequency above.


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