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Low vibrational energy can build up in your business, creating stagnation and Egregores that can affect the overall success of your company. If business feels stagnant, your team are not productive and sales are dwindling then maybe it's time to clear the energy to help you accelerate again.


Science is now beginning to understand that we are not just the physical body, but we also exist on a subtle level too. This is often referred to as ‘subtle energies’ or the ‘multidimensional self’. When we apply this to the field of sales, we can see that our sales teams are not just using the physical words, that they speak, they are also broadcasting an invisible field of information that the other person is picking up…albeit subconsciously.

This explains why someone can be working hard on trying to hit their sales targets, but instead all they are attracting is “no”, “maybe next time” or worse - annoyance and frustration from the potential client. Luckily, we can start to clear these limiting beliefs, using energetic techniques, faster than more mainstream methods.

Energetic Sales Training is a two hour session commencing with a brief introduction to the subtle energies that your sales team are really sending out to potential customers, followed by pulling any ‘programs’ that have ‘glitched’ or got ‘stuck’ in the hardwire of the mind. The mind is the energetic part of the brain, and the ego is simply software in the brain, along with our belief structures; that may be limiting us.

Programs such as, I am not good enough, stop us from having more confidence and resilience, whilst programs of unworthiness, stop us from receiving. And because of childhood trauma’s and ancestral trauma’s, which we have all picked up from the collective consciousness, most of us have problems truly loving ourselves, which manifests in the same way – we don’t feel worthy of receiving and don’t feel worthy of more abundance and prosperity.

Each core program, like these ones, vibrate at a certain frequency bandwidth, and as such, may appear on different levels and at different frequencies. Using my background and experience I have outlined many levels or frequencies of programs that I can see are holding people back, and have put together a comprehensive program that starts to address these.

Contact me below for more information or a private discussion on what your team needs to be able to start hitting their targets, convert more clients, and become confident, happier and thus more productive employee’s.


Elisabeth has been a key factor in the pivoting of my business. She has helped me to connect to my vision, gain more clarity, and connect to my heart. I find her combination of strategic planning, combined with a more intuitive and holistic approach has helped both me and my business. Elisabeth is a true professional, genuinely cares about her clients and has a wealth of knowledge.

Sirin, Life Coach & Theta Healer

I believe what makes Elisabeth different is her ability to see the bigger picture and identify your strengths and unique talents fast. She helped me to see where my true passions and purpose lie and how that fits with the overall vision of my life. Now I feel aligned, everything feels easier and I have far more drive. Elisabeth not only does as she promises she far exceeded my expectations. She is very creative and I loved working with her.

Toni, Relationship Coach

I met with Elisabeth to gain clarity on my professional goals. She delivered beyond my expectations, analysing my threads of thinking and plans and focussing me to understand what triggers the greatest passion/interest and why. She has a knack of bringing everything together in a simple and concise manner that helps you to see where you are going, so you can set energising and realistic goals that take you there.

Nathalie, Recruitment Consultant