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All my courses are designed to help you create a better life for yourself, using your intuition and connecting you to your ‘energy world’. I continually add new courses all the time…

Intuitive Development Program

Do you ever get that niggling feeling that you’re not achieving your full potential? Maybe we can help?

This science-driven, intuitive developmental programme will help you to access more of your superconscious (higher) and subconscious mind, which holds the 85% of your brain’s full potential that you are not using. This includes intuition (claircognizance), ESP (telepathy), remote viewing (consciousness) and psychic awareness (subtle energy) so you can access your true potential and become who you are meant to be. 



Work Your Energy

Work Your Energy explains how to tap into and benefit from the collective energy field to help you realign yourself, find your purpose and connect to your happy place again.  

After a serious of bizarre events surrounding my mother, who had passed away, and my daughter, who was 2 yrs old, I began to research the supernatural. The more I connected to the inner world of energy, the faster my own health and wellbeing improved. I finally understood that it’s all connected. Read my story and how I got back to happy again! 

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