Do These 6 Things For Happier & More Successful Kids

Children are so much more awake and energetically connected than we are.

Then we send them off to school so they can be societally programmed, and become like us; depressed, scared, people pleasers, inauthentic, social conformers, manipulators and more…

But does it have to be this way?

No, in my opinion it doesn’t, and here are my 6 top tips for helping them to steer clear of the massive amounts of negativity and fear in our world.

1. Always be kind to them no matter what. If you shout, apologise, and work on your own anger issues. Don’t buy into the societal program (and the movies that go with it) that its okay to shout at your kids because everyone does it and you’re busy being a stressed-out mum. Its never okay but equally if you do it, don’t stress, you can alway change your relationship with your children and they will understand if you talk to them and say sorry, then explain why you did it. Everything can be rewired as the field of neuroplasticity is teaching us. I was once told by a children’s psychologist never to say sorry to my children as they would have the upper hand. Thankfully I ignored this 1950’s advice and decided to do what my heart felt was right. Your heart is never wrong.

2. Always be on their side, no matter what. Whatever the teacher, the headmaster, their friends or anyone else says, it doesn’t matter. They need to know that you always have their back and will do everything you can to support them. By all means do time out, ground them or stop pocket money but explain to them why, and make sure they understand its because of their behaviour, not because of THEM.

3. Teach them about spirituality. Don’t laugh at it (or them) and make sure they understand that its a normal part of who they are. This will keep them away from most depression (a very small percentage is hormonal but most is habitual) and help them to connect to their inner world. Spirituality is not god, or religion or even spirit guides, its science we haven’t discovered yet, and thus is a crucial part of who we are. We all have an energy body as modern technology is beginning to show us and getting to know yours (so you can teach them about theirs) is crucial for their happiness and success.

4. Teach them how to meditate. This technique has got nothing to do with drinking spirulina, wearing kaftans or being a vegan, it’s about mind and emotional control and will take them into a more successful life. People who meditate regularly are more successful than those who don’t. Give them a fighting chance to reach success a couple of decades before we ever did.

5. Always listen to them, and let them speak freely. If they tell you that martians live in their closet, the boogey man is scaring them at night, or their friends are being mean to them. Listen to them, believe them, and then pay attention to them. Sleep with them at night, and ask them when they get scared, what happens – understand it from their point of view. Monitor their relationships and hear how their friends speak to them. Is it victim mindset or real? Sit in their cupboard and experience what they experience. See the world through their eyes for a minute, and remember how you felt as a child.

As adults it is, and has always been, our job to guide them into becoming happy people, in whatever forms that means. We are conditioned into guiding them into becoming socially acceptable adults, but we actually don’t have to do this because its a natural part of who they are – we are a sociable species. Teach them to lead from the heart, do the right thing and follow their intuition and they will naturally become good citizens. Helping each other, taking care of the planet, and being kind to each other. It is our world that is turning them into judgemental, depressed and scared people, because society teaches them (through films, school and their peers) not to trust themselves. Not trusting ourselves creates insecurity, fear, imposter syndrome and low self esteem which none of us want to see in our children.

6. Teach them to trust themselves and their intuition. That little guiding voice (which is probably the heart or the higher mind) is always guiding us through life with purpose, passion and an inner knowing (compass) that we are on the right track. Teaching them to be independent and intuitive is not incompatible to being socially acceptable. In fact it is the opposite. The more they trust themselves, the happy, kinder and more confident they will be, which can only be a good thing for our society.

If you feel you are not being a good parent (you don’t have to be perfect, this is impossible) then trust this little voice inside you and do everything you can to become better. Start changing yourself and work on your unresolved issues from childhood and ancestral limiting beliefs. Don’t hide in movies like Bad Moms, which are just trying to make us feel better for being bad parents. Movies like this are just trying to keep us trapped inside a broken societal programme that isn’t working for our children and their futures. A bad childhood creates PTSD which can lead to all sorts of problems, addictions and depression as an adult. And none of us want this for our children.

Acknowledge you need help, and reach out to others, whilst working on your relationship with your children at the same time. They love you so much and will do anything for you, so meet them halfway, and they will help you on your inner journey back to happy.

This is what my children did for me, when I was angry, burnt out and stressed, and for that I will be eternally grateful. I will always be there for them, no matter what and I will help them in any way that I can. And if I can’t I will explain to them why I can’t. And I know they will understand because they already do.

The children who are being born into this world today are more awake, healed and spiritually aware than us. Honor and respect this and treat them well. It will come back to you a thousand times over – in this life and the next.

I talk about this in my new book. If you would like to read it and learn how I got myself back to a happier and more functional mother then you can purchase it HERE – Work Your Energy: The entrepreneur’s guide to raising your vibration, tapping into higher consciousness and achieving more happiness, wealth and success 


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