Expanding your Consciousness above the Spirit Guides, ET’s and Angels

Expanding our consciousness is the purpose of our lives and the purpose of the universe too. According to quantum physics consciousness is learning about itself through everything in the universe (hence we are all consciousness) which is why we can be seen as aspects of consciousness or aspects of god consciousness. This means that at the end of the day everything is One and we are All One but I appreciate that when you have just started this spiritual journey this can sound bizarre.

In one of my first deep meditating sessions where I was trying to understand the ‘true’ nature of reality I grasped the concept of different levels of growth, like a conveyor belt of learning. I understood that we are all on this conveyor belt, including our planet – although there are different versions of our planet and different timelines that we can end up on. This conveyor belt of learning and experiencing is a universal thing and as each species or planet (planets are entities too) evolves they ascend towards the ultimate goal, which is to become consciousness again. For example, different beings, entities and even planets exist in different dimensions and each one is able to ‘see’ or experience more of the ‘bigger picture’ of things than we can.

We currently live in a 3D (density) realm but since the Harmonic Convergence in 1987 the planet has been ascending (Ascension) and with it so have we, so now we should be far more aware than this current reality. The fact that many of us aren’t is because our consciousness has been manipulated by those in power who understand about the laws of physics, energy etc. and know how to manipulate it. Although this sounds like conspiracy theory, I don’t believe it is, and have been researching these topics for a few years now. In the 1940’s we began to made great headway with understanding quantum physics and advanced technologies (especially from the space crafts that crashed and we re-engineered the technologies) but it was hijacked by the various militaries and corporations who didn’t want to share with other countries and thus kept it away from the people and humanity. This means that the military and corporations are 80 years ahead of us in understanding and creating new technologies.

Many of us call this opening up to our energy body – the spiritual journey – but it doesn’t feel like spirituality to me, it feels like technology or understanding that we don’t fully comprehend yet, but fear keeps most of us away from opening up to the awareness of it.

When we first become aware of our energy body, we start to experience strange or magical things, and this is often the time when people are misdiagnosed with mental health issues or think they have gone crazy. This makes it worse because it then puts fear into their minds which brings down their vibration and opens them up to the lower densities and lower density entities around them. Because they do not know what is happening to them, and do not have the support or experiences of others (and there are too many movies that explain these things as horror movies) they sink even further downwards (in vibration) until they end up being sectioned, on drugs or convinced back into the ‘normal’ physical world again by well meaning psychiatrists, whilst losing their connection to their energy bodies again. They are now blocked off again to the subtle energies of the energy field and are back in the confines of a physical and manipulated world, where their energy is being siphoned off daily without their knowledge. Not by aliens but by our world leaders and the media. This is also the time of the archetype, when we experience guides, who come and ‘help’ us because it is something that our mind can grasp and understand. I will come back to this in a bit.

What we must start teaching our children is that our energy body or consciousness is real and we can see, sense and hear subtle energy, and as some of us are more visual, more auditory or more connected to the energies around us, these first stage connections back to our energy body can be incredible, transformational and even scary if we are not surrounded by the right people. There are many things that can jolt us awake to the awareness of our energy body or energy world, such as the death of a loved one (this is what happened to me after my mother died), a near death experience, a nervous breakdown and even the use of psychedelic drugs or plant medicine (psilocybin or ayahuasca) because it take us out of the external 3D world so fast and we can suddenly ‘see’ what we couldn’t before. It also connects us to the entities around us, and we start to question reality. Our consciousness expands exponentially. This is also the time when huge synchronicities can occur and we get a sense of the true magic of the multidimensional universe (which as Nassim Haramein says “is science that we haven’t discovered yet”).

The next step in the awakening or expanding consciousness process is that we begin to connect to the archetypal imagery in our own minds, because this is how the subconscious mind works – using imagery – and it’s a good way for our mind to understand what it is going through. It needs to grab hold of concepts and ideas in order to understand it, otherwise the analytical mind or amygdala will block it. It blocks everything it does not believe, which is how our manifesting is also affected by this. This is the point when the helpers, guides, ET’s or angels come in from the other ‘dimensions’ and guide or help – manifestations of the mind or the energy field to help you get to the next point of consciousness expansion. Myths, religion, legends, angels and more have all been used by our ancestors to describe what they are seeing, sensing and hearing. Merlin, the great wizard or wise old man is Father consciousness or the masculine yang energy. The fairy godmother or queen who is Mother consciousness and the feminine yin energy. That is not to say these angels, ET’s and guides are not real, the angels talked about in the ancient texts and bibles were real and I expect came from other worlds or even other dimensions. I expect our physical world has also been energetically tampered with and we are not even in base reality anymore. They are energetic beings or even frequencies that live in our multidimensional universe, which extends far beyond what we can see. Our world is not limited to the physical 3D environment that we see, and more awakened people (like our ancestors before the veils became thicker) could ‘see’ a lot more of the light spectrum. Today we hardly see anything and even our brains are blocking us from realising anything that steps outside what we have been taught to believe. It’s changing though as more of us wake up and ascend into the 4th or 5th dimensions.

Once our awareness or consciousness has expanded to grasping the concepts of a 4D or 5D reality, we find that the guides are no longer needed and they ‘step back’ so that we can connect to our higher self and the higher intelligence of the universe. This is about trust and once we realise that we don’t need guides and we are the gods, we reach the place of enlightenment that we all seek.

Enlightenment is where we become one with the universe and the energy field and we raise our consciousness above the level of helpers – guides, ET’s and angels too, as we become higher intelligence ourselves. This is where we have access to all the information that exists showing us how the cosmos works and what is the order of things because we realise that we are higher consciousness and are not separate to anything. That is not to say we don’t still experience guides, as they can be helpful, it’s simply that we no longer need them to access the invisible world. The invisible world is where all truth and knowledge exists (also known as the Akashic field) so we can take what knowledge we need and bring it back into the physical world to make our lives better, or the lives of the people and communities around us. Many of the great scientists, mathematicians and physicists of our time took their minds into other dimensions in order to grab hold of new technologies, formula’s and inventions, including Tesla and Ilya Lakosovitch, who brought the Deca Energy back (to create the EMF harmonizers) which is an incredible dodecahedron energy that anyone can work with.

We get to this level by raising our own levels of consciousness – releasing density from our bodies (via self development work) and staying in a higher vibrational emotional state (see the Map of Consciousness image). Unless you are living on a mountain top and meditating every day it is hard to stay in this state continuously but daily practices, such as 10 mins of meditation, EFT (tapping), doing things you love more often, journaling to release negative emotions and thoughts and being compassionate to self and others can all make a difference in your life. Use Dr David Hawkins, Map of Consciousness (see image) to start understanding your emotions more and raise your vibration upwards. Even 3 mins of meditation a day has been shown to be enough to make lasting changes because it is the consistency of doing something that matters the most.

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