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Once you purchase an online course, you will receive immediate access to it and can take them as fast or as slow as you want. Some of them come with guided meditations and audio's which are best listened to over 7 days, hence I recommend you leave a gap of One week between modules. The more you listen to the guided meditations, the faster your thoughts and thus actions will change. This enables you to start rewiring your brain through what we know now as the field of Neuroplasticity.  

Yes, you can, just drop me an email on and I can set up an installment plan for you. The length of the plan will depend on the length of the course, but I deliberately keep the cost of my courses very reasonable so that more people can access this knowledge. 

No. They are all standalone online courses which you can work through in your own time. However at the moment in the Wealth Consciousness course I am also doing live energy healings and Q&A twice a year in the accompanying Facebook group. You will also receive all previous Zoom recordings of the energy healings to listen to as well. If you want to work on your money mindset the Wealth Consciousness course is perfect for you. 

Yes. When you purchase each course you are given access to a Facebook group where you can ask questions to myself or other people in the group who are doing/or have done the course. You can also drop me an email to and ask directly on there too.

Yes it is. It runs live on Zoom every 3 months. All calls are recorded so if you miss a session you can catch up quickly. And we also have 'energy reading' practice sessions every week too, so that you can learn faster. 

Intuitive development work is all about working with your own psychic skills and connecting to the 'energy field' or field of consciousness that we exist in. If you have ever felt aware of subtle energies around you or you see visions or hear voices, then you are already aware of your multidimensional self. This program teaches you techniques every week to help you connect to the true you. 

It's a weekly course where each week, you learn a few techniques to help you connect with your inner world. It helps to open up your psychic channels, and there are also optional drop-in practice sessions running every week too. 

Yes absolutely. Many members go onto become psychic mediums, energy healers and readers. But it can also be used simply to improve your own life, career and relationships. By the end of the program you will know what you want to use the techniques for, and will also have found your natural abilities too. And of course we are on hand to help you explore options if you get stuck. 

At the moment I am offering the Intuitive Development Program as a group program and the Wealth Consciousness online course as a group program where we meet twice a year to do ancestral healings, energy clearings and money mindset work. All past Zoom recordings are available to you too. 

The two current group programs I am offering work in the following ways. 1. The Wealth Consciousness program starts with you purchasing and working through the 5 week online course + bonus modules. You will gain access to the free Facebook group and WhatsApp group where you can ask questions about the course or swap notes with others. Then twice a year we meet up as a group and work on our money mindset and do energy work to clear money wounds and limiting beliefs around money. 2. The Intuitive Development Program is a Live program with in-person teaching every week on Zoom, where you connect to your spiritual guides and learn many techniques. It's pretty life changing! 

No. If you want to train others, then sign up to the 12 month psychic development teaching training program, which stems from the flagship Berkeley Psychic Development program, that interestingly was created by 7 engineers in 1973. This will equip you with the skills to teach others, as health and safety is paramount when you are training others to work with new modalities. 

Yes in time I will. Please sign up to my newsletter or email me on to discuss what you need. 

Yes, I do. I work with clients on limiting beliefs that may be stopping them from achieving their goals in life using past life regression therapy, theta healing and quantum hypnosis. And also connect them to their own higher mind, so they can learn to trust themselves, claim back their power and strengthen their intuitive skills for more purpose, guidance and wisdom. 

Each client is as unique as the next which is why I provide bespoke programs. Let's start with a free consultation to see where you are now, and what you need moving forward. Over the past 20 years I have built up a lot of experience, qualifications and training and as we talk I will be able to formulate the perfect session or longer term program for you.

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Yes, I do. I have been running a training, consulting and coaching company for 18 years and offer 'energetic' customer service or sales training where we help your sales team release limiting beliefs and be more aware of their words, thoughts and emotions. I also offer Feng Shui for companies to help eliminate toxicity, egregores and stagnant energy, that builds up over time.

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Yes, you can. Choose from Energetic Alignment sessions where we align you back up with your life path, purpose and passions again. To Intuitive Coaching where we work with consciousness, and your Higher Mind, to help you find answers to your burning questions. To Energy Psychology which works with your energy, releasing old patterns and thoughts whilst healing and clearing trapped stagnant energy (emotions) from your electromagnetic energy field. 

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