Find out who you have Karma with

Have you ever wondered who you might have karma with out of your family, friends and loved ones? If so, you will love this tool, created by Robert Lee Camp, which feels very accurate to me – although use your discretion, and only take what resonates or feels right for you.

We start by finding out your birth card which you can do by typing in your birthdate to the App on the this website – The App looks like this image below….

Now type in your birth date and you will see 4 cards displayed. It is the birth card that we are looking for, which in this case is the top left card. The birth card is the most important card and is also called the soul card or the sun card, because it shows you your karma.

Click on the birth card and you can read the meaning. You can do this for each card, but for karma we need to click on the birth card, which tells us what the meaning of this lifetime is about. As you can see below my birth card is all about family, love and relationships, so this lifetime is about family and relationships for me.

To find out who you have karma with in this lifetime, scroll all the way down to the bottom of your Birth Card, where it will show you which cards or deck represents the birthday’s of the people in your life. As you can see below mine are 4 spades and 10 spades.

Now look on this image below, and track across to the birthdays of your friends and family to find who you have karma with. For example, if I am looking for a friend who has a birthday on 15 July I would scroll down to number 15 on the vertical side of the chart and then run my finger along to where it says July on the horizontal part of the chart at the top.

For me, anyone that has 4 spades or 10 spades coming up for their birthday date, I have karma with in this lifetime. Look for your own specific set of cards to find out yours.

You can check your own birth card, scroll down, and find your specific cards, and then search along the chart above to find out who you have karma with too. If you are an intuitive you can then ask your higher mind (or guides) what this karma is and how you can delete it in this lifetime. If you aren’t an intuitive then just look to where you have the most difficulties with this person and that will be most likely be your area of karma.

I have found it to be highly accurate and extremely helpful to me in this lifetime, which is why I decided to publish it on my website too.

Credit to Robert Lee Camp, who created it, and my client, Csilla, who shared it with me.

Let me know in the comments what you think of it too!

If you want to increase your intuitive skills and discover who you really are and what you are truly capable of, then book a call and we can discuss how I can help.


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