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Once you purchase an online course, you will receive immediate access to it and can take them as fast or as slow as you want to. Some of them come with guided meditations and audio's which are best listened to over 7 days, hence i recommend you leave a gap of 1 week between modules. This enables you to start rewiring your brain, through Neuroplasticity, so you can transform faster. 

Yes, you can, just drop me an email on and I can set up an installment plan for you. The length of the plan will depend on the length of the course, but I deliberately keep the cost of my courses very reasonable so that more people can access this knowledge. 

Only one of my online courses is also a group program and that is the Wealth Consciousness course. This is because to get the best results we need to keep working on our limiting beliefs around money. The rest are standalone courses and designed to help expand your consciousness (awareness) so that we can ascend faster as a humanity. 

Yes, when you purchase each course you are given access to a Facebook group where you can ask questions to myself or other people in the group who are doing/or have done the course. You can also drop me an email to and ask directly on there too. Please note that I am not on Messenger or Facebook very much as they have 'vampiric' energy and can drain you fast, so ask in the group or send me an email. 

Energy Healing is a form of therapy and can be done physically, straight onto the body, such as Reiki or as a form of psychology and working directly with the mind. There are many different types of 'energy healing', but the ones I use are non-local meaning that we can do the 'healing' over zoom and it will still work. They work with the mind and 'spirit' and as such they bring your energy and physical bodies back into harmony again. 

Reiki and acupuncture are now on the NHS in the UK so some parts of it are recognised, but not all. They are considered more spiritual healing modalities, although transpersonal psychology and hypnotherapy are recognised by many because of the results they are getting with clients. People are being healed from chronic disease, depression, addictions and even cancer, but the scientific community don't know why. Consequently they are classed as pseudo-science because we do not understand how they work. 

In my experience energy healing has never caused any negative problems for clients, and has only ever made them feel calm, less stressed and reduced, or eliminated health issues. However because we don't understand how it works, this is not really something I can guarantee. I would always recommend working with someone who has been thoroughly trained, has plenty of discernment and offers after care follow up consultations, which is what I do. When I work with clients I maintain constant communication to ensure all is well, and so far there have only been positive results. 

For a thorough understanding of how energy healing works I would recommend you read my best selling book, Work Your Energy, which you can buy on Amazon and Kindle. I have added many scientific studies to back it up, and Epigenetics has now been peer reviewed so it is an accepted part of the science community. It has been around for more than 100 years so there is plenty of research into it now, thus new data and evidence is being provided every day. 

You can book a 1:1 session by going to my book a session page and selecting a date and time that suits you. They are all pay upfront sessions because people kept booking and not turning up, however if you want to ask any questions about my 1:1 sessions then please email me on 

My standard 1:1 sessions are Energetic Alignment sessions, which will help you gain more clarity and release limiting beliefs that are holding you back. You can learn more from this blog; Intuitive Coaching sessions where we work with your Superconsciousness Mind and follow guidance from there, and Energy Healing sessions, which also work with your mind to help release trapped low vibrational energy from your body that may be holding you back and keeping you stuck.

Yes. I also work with clients over 3 months or 6 months, where we put together bespoke programs that are modeled around what you need. Maybe you are struggling to achieve your dreams, attract more abundance and prosperity or have happier relationships, we can work on any part of your life, career or business. 

Yes. I also provide 1:1 training on specific modalities and techniques that complement coaches or people working in the service industry. For more information, go to the Training section of the FAQ's 

I aim to run group programs at least twice a year, if not more. I currently run group energy healing twice a year, for the Wealth Consciousness online course members and will be introducing more group coaching programs soon. Sign up to my email list for further information on new group programs around health, wellness, career, business and life. 

I also offer group programs around mediumship, intuitive or psychic development, soul contracts and spirit guides, and energy healing tools and techniques. Please email me on for more information.

No. If you want to train others, then sign up to the 12 month psychic development teaching training program, which stems from the flagship Berkeley Psychic Development program, that interestingly was created by 7 engineers in 1973! This will equip you with the skills to teach others, as health and safety is paramount when you are training others to work with new modalities. See Training section for more details.

Yes. Please see my 1:1 sessions section or email me on for more information and/or a free consultation to see if a 1:1 program is right for you at this point in your career and life. 

Yes, I do. I have learnt many tools, techniques and modalities over the past 20 years and offer training to individuals and groups wishing to learn more and/or complement their current knowledge. My main training program is the Intuitive Development Program, that stems from the Berkeley Institute Psychic Development course that was created by 7 engineers in 1973. Most modalities and teachers today have stemmed from this flagship program, including some very prominent names, and it enables you to teach it yourself to others. 

I offer many different training programs, because I have acquired so much knowledge over the years and I'm certified in many different techniques and modalities. For a full list of training programs please email me on

Yes, I do. Please see my group programs for more information or email me on for a full list 

Yes, you can. Please email me on for more information and to set up a payment plan. 

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