We are surrounded by archetypes and they make up our society. Whether you see them as deeper parts of your own mind or something outside you doesn’t really matter because we are all energetically connected and studies show that both methods can contribute to our success. Whether you adopt an animal, person, goddess, mythical creature or even superhero, it’s what works for you. In my opinion using archetypes as floating energies or messages from the energy field works best, because at the end of the day we are humans, having a human experience, and most likely came here for a reason. We all have archetypal energy inside us, in varying degrees. And which ones show up often depends on where you are now. You are your own power source but we can all be supported, guided and helped by archetypes and the energy field. Help is freely given to all of us (although we have to ask for it) but action has to be taken by us.
Auric field / electromagnetic energy field
The auric field has been known about for centuries in ancient texts and healing and is said to hold our essence. We can see visual representations of this in Kirlian photography, which was developed in the 1930’s, using leaves. It can capture the magnetic field around living and non-living things. The aura shows up as bright and radiant in healthy things, and dull and contracted in unhealthy things. It is even thought to be able to show the healing energy radiating out of our hands as we tap into this life force and use it to heal our bodies and improve our wellbeing. The glow around the head or the body can be seen in a lot of antique art or religious paintings so our ancestors appear to have known it was there too. Whether physically in the 3D world or through the inner sight of the mind’s eye.
Chakras / energy centre’s
There are said to be 12 chakras but only 7 of these are in the body. The Inneractive Aura Video System has been able to show the existence of the 7 chakras in the human body and are said to be tiny little vortex’s of energy that run back and front of the body, in a cone shape, facing inwards. Blockages and stagnation can affect the flow of energy, creating ‘blockages’ that force the energy to flow in the wrong direction. This can affect our health, clarity, sense of wellbeing and even our success, and are an important part of energy work.
Channelling is thought to be a synchronization of frequencies between the channeller and the channellee that allows them to have the same thoughts (frequencies). The brainwaves sync up with another frequency enabling them to then channel these frequencies or consciousness into the mind. The point is that you are channelling wisdom (consciousness) that you most likely didn’t know before. Or at least your mind hadn’t joined the dots up in that way before. It’s like it has come from very deep parts of your subconscious mind, or from something outside of your current thinking, and feels like energy flowing through your body, in a wavy flowing motion. It can upgrade your energy (and heal your body) fast because you are then initiated or attuned into that new way of thinking, being and doing and the new wisdom or truth integrates into your being too.
Collective consciousness
Because of quantum entanglement we know we are all connected and as such are connected through our thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, magnetic fields and consciousness. Consciousness is the observer, but the collective consciousness is all of us, and the latest research is showing that we create our reality as a ‘collective network of observers’. Neuroscience is showing that our brains create this network of consciousness, whilst the quantum element of the microtubules in the brain is showing us that we connect with the quantum field in a way that we don’t quite understand yet. The collective existence that we all share is what we all observe and see. For example, the world and everything in it is said to be part of the collective consciousness and we collectively created it. As we move up into the 5th dimension and into a less dense, and more energetic existence, we all move up together and collectively create a new consciousness; one that serves us better. As a whole not a part. Some members of the collective consciousness are thriving, but many more are not. We can collectively change this, and are doing so now.
Collective Unconscious
A term created by Carl Jung in the early 1900’s.Many of our thoughts, feelings, memories and beliefs we are sharing with each other on a daily basis, and don’t belong to us. For example, the patriarchal society that we have been living in for more than 2,000 years which downplays the female and prides the male. This has contributed to the oppression of the female in society and religion and the role of the female in the marriage and home. It is so engrained in society that most of us can’t see it and have accepted it as the normal way of things. The collective unconscious can even stem from the TV we watch, kids movies, the news, mainstream media, advertising, social media and more – someone creates the idea, and then others reinforce in, until it becomes a ‘thing’. This is how subliminal messaging in marketing and political arenas works too – it’s all subliminal messages that we are receiving every single day, the question that we need to ask ourselves is “Is it helpful to me in my life?” “Is it helping me to live the best life possible for me, where I thrive daily?” “Is it helping humanity to be a better version of themselves?” If the answer is no, then maybe it’s time to change it. All it takes is one person doing things differently and eventually more of us will follow. To take a quote from JRR Tolkien’s The Lord of The Rings “Even the smallest person can change the course of the future.”
According to Sigmund Freud the mind splits into 3 parts – the conscious (ego), the pre-conscious (superego) and the subconscious (ID). The conscious part of our mind is where we calculate maths formula, write strategies or reports and think conscious thoughts. When we are more conscious we are often sitting in frequencies or energies that we are aware of and thus being more mindful of what we are broadcasting out of our minds. AKA we have to make something conscious before we can understand it. This is the logical, rational side of us. We are also in the present moment which is where we set intentions from.
No one knows exactly what consciousness is, but it looks like it is what underpins, and probably even creates, the universe that we exist in. Some refer to it as god, or creator (source) energy. Consciousness is a singular expansive energy that covers the entire universe, or multiple universes, and we are part of it. Physical matter is born from consciousness giving shape, dimension and thought to the physical form. Consciousness is the observer observing all physical matter into physical form, but it is also intuitive and can change depending on our own expectations and thoughts, and is the ‘participator’ in our lives as John Wheeler said. This means that we are working with consciousness, not victims of consciousness. Microsoft researchers are considering the possibility that the entire universe is a ‘machine learning algorithm’ as it strives to learn about itself through the physical form it creates. Maybe the ego was created as the software that helps consciousness to experience this reality from different and multiple angles, known as the Self.
Constructive Interference
See wave interference
Low density waves are slower, whereas higher density waves are faster. Lower vibrational frequencies are slower and higher vibrational frequencies are faster. So, in a sense, in order to exist in a 3D and physical world, our bodies need to be lower density or slower than the speed of light. When matter or physical form travels faster than the speed of light, it is no longer physical in our 3D world and is now energy. Which is invisible to us.
Dimensions are a mathematical term used to describe space or compartments. One dimensional is a straight line. Two dimensional is a box shape aka length and height. Three dimensional is a 3D shape, so it’s a bit like looking at something in virtual reality, and shows us length, height and depth. Fourth dimensional is time and fifth dimensional is the quantum or spiritual realms and beyond. We are living in a 3rd density and a 3rd dimensional world, but they are different concepts. Dimensions are states of being and we have multiple dimensions on our planet, but we can only see up to 3 dimensions because that’s all we have evolved to see. Our world is 3rd density because it is a lower vibrational world than a 4th or 5th density world. Density is frequency and dimensions are maths aka quantum mechanics.
Double Slit Experiment
First performed by Thomas Young in 1801, it essentially shows that, under the right circumstances, light photons behave differently when they are being observed as opposed to when they are not, which went on to create The Observer Effect; another fundamental part of quantum physics and the exploration of consciousness. Geoffrey Ingram Taylor performed the experiment again in the early 1900s with new technology where he fired a single light photon at a screen with two slits in it. It changed its state depending on if it was being observed or not. When it was being observed it ‘chose’ one slit to fire through and fired in a straight single line. But when it was not being observed it chose both slits to pass through, ‘interfering’ with itself and spreading outwards into the room. The phenomena is how quantum physics began, leading to a hundred years of study, experiments and research, culminating with modern day physics and many new areas of research, such as quantum cosmology, particle physics and more. More recently the Double Slit experiment has been carried out with new parameters in the ongoing studies around consciousness showing us that waves and particles become waves or particles from the expectations or thoughts of the observer. So, the particle, pre-empts the thoughts of the observer and changes in accordance with the expectation of their thoughts. If the observer expects to see a ‘particle’ then that is what they see. This is showing us that consciousness is intuitive and smart, and works with us to create the life that we expect (or believe) to see around us.
We are constantly downloading information from the energy field all the time, just as we are manifesting or creating our reality all the time too. We just don’t have conscious awareness of it. When we tap into the energy field we connect to the consciousness of others and everything that ‘exists’ in the energy field because we are all connected and all one. We download energy, and as energy carries frequency, it always brings information with it. We can then tap into this information and receive its guidance, inspiration, ideas or wisdom. Whether you see the energy field as deeper parts of you, or something outside of you doesn’t hugely matter, because downloading is about tapping into universal, or collective, wisdom and creativity, to help you grow, evolve and develop. As well as get to grips with your own truth. In doing so, you are downloading energy which then upgrades your being and allows you to perceive reality in a different way. I believe that being at one with the energy field is how we are supposed to be living but our busy world has made us forget that this is so. Downloading and channelling are often used interchangeably but are thought to be slightly different. Downloading can be seen as connecting to, or intuitively knowing, information from the collective consciousness, whereas channelling is thought to be connecting to the consciousness of an individual or collective in order to seek information.
Earth energy
Is the energy from our own planet, also known as Gaia, or mother earth. In the same way that we can pull energy from the stars above us, we can also pull energy from the ground beneath our feet. We are energetically pulling up (or down) electrons which are then filling us up with new, fresh energy, as it intermingles with the electrons already making up our body. Everything is energy and everything has its own frequency which we can channel to improve our own lives.As we have an electromagnetic energy field so too does the earth. As we move out into space and away from the earth, we move outside of the metaphysical energy or Torus field of Gaia.
Our ego is the ‘physical aspect’ of us or our mind. We need an ego in order to exist in a physical body, but I have found it more helpful to consider oneself as a consciousness, instead. This allows us to transcend the ego, and not get so sucked in or duped by it. The ego is very clever (and negative) and a lot of the problems we have in society come from the ego. Some psychologists believe that the ego came into being around 75,000 years ago when the human brain exponentially grew to encompass the neocortex part of the brain, whereas others think it has only been around for a few thousand years. Through its will to dominate and control, it has enabled man to become the most successful species on our planet, but now the ‘software’ needs to be updated, as it’s ruining the very planet that gave it life. It’s like a glitch in the original design, running rife throughout the world and causing chaos in its need to dominate everything, including the host.
Electric Universe Theory
The Electric Universe Theory assumes that the universe and every person, animal etc. in it, is driven by electricity (via plasma), not gravity. Everything has electricity running through it, including us. Tesla felt that electricity and energy explained all the phenomena in the universe. As this theory disproves Einstein’s General Theory of Relatively (which science has already proven) and challenges the Big Bang Theory, it’s not very popular within mainstream science.
Emotions are an electrical charge or biochemical response created by the brain as a signal. They are like electrical messages from our body, telling our mind that we need to take action on something.These electrical messages can then get stuck in our energy field, until they build up and cause blockages, stagnation and confusion. We can work to remove these emotions, by working on the ‘belief’ that it leads to. The belief is most likely the mind’s way of translating the emotion into something it understands. In my opinion, understanding our emotions as energy, that drives us, is a fundamental part of all energy work.
Energetic Blueprint
The unique frequency that we vibrate at is known as our energetic blueprint, but it can also be the blueprint that we entered into this physical body with. Just as a house has an original architects blueprint, so do we.In Metaphysics, we are all said to have an energetic blueprint which we are born with, and which is our unique frequency, but as we go through life, we can pick up other frequencies (in the form of trapped negative emotions, disease or even other people’s thoughts) that are not serving us well. Quantum physics states that all particles vibrate at their own unique frequency and as we are made up of particles we will vibrate at the frequency of these particles. Getting back to our original soul’s blueprint can get us back to why we came here and what we came here to do. When we discover the true meaning of our life, it can often feel like it chose us, not we chose it, and can feel quite serendipitous. Which is why I like the concept of having a soul’s blueprint that we need to remember, and tap back into, in this lifetime.
Energetic Signature/Frequency
It is said that we all have our own unique frequency which we vibrate at. Our name represents this unique frequency. This frequency can distort as we pick up limited beliefs, thinking and behaviour. Getting back to our original frequency will get us back to our authentic self and at the same time align us with our true frequency. I have watched this play out in my own life because I was named Ruth at birth but I never resonated with this name. I also can’t say my R’s properly, which doesn’t help. When I got married I changed my name, for a variety of reasons (I wrote a post about it on Instagram) to my middle name, Elisabeth. At first I liked the new ‘persona’ but eventually this didn’t feel like me either. Ruth Elisabeth feels like me, and I find it interesting to remember that when I was a child I often pretended that I had a double barrelled name. Now I can see that my true energetic frequency is to be both.
The term energy in this book is used to describe both electromagnetic energy – frequencies – and ‘subtle energies’ or Qi.
Energy field
Also called the unified field, zero point field, quantum field, 5th dimension, vacuum and more. It is the energy or quantum field that we exist and live in, that quantum physics is starting to shed more light on. Essentially, at a subatomic level we are all made of energy and exist in this energy field as potential and possibility, observing what we want into reality, with our intentions. Although we have our own electromagnetic field, as does everything, at the end of the day it is all energy, and as such we exist as an excitation, vibrating string or bundle of energy within this unified field. A frequency or vibrational resonance that vibrates at the frequency of us and is working in harmony with consciousness.
Energy Work/Healing
Although Eastern philosophies have known about energy work for centuries, the Western world has only just started to wake up to it. As there is limited ‘evidence’, it is currently classed as a pseudo-science, but new technologies are proving more every day. For example, the Kirlian machine that records the auras of living things, EEG’s or ECG’s that record the brainwave states during transcendental and the bodies electromagnetic energy field and even the Gas Discharge Visualization (GDV) machine that shows the existence of the energy centres or chakras in the body.
I use the big bang theory in the book to describe quantum entanglement for ease of understanding, however as there is some debate surrounding the big bang theory (due to consciousness, the holographic universe theory and how we observe physical reality into existence) I will describe it slightly differently here. Science has demonstrated that particles when split in two and are fired into different directions – no matter how far apart – are still connected; even if at opposite ends of the universe. Stephen Hawking went onto discuss the possibility that if a split particle fell into a black hole then it would still be connected to its twin even if at different ends of the universe. This allows particles to spread across the universe, and yet still be connected to each other. We are all entangling continuously, and whatever happens to one, happens to – or affects – everything. Particles don’t have to ‘go’ anywhere, they are already everywhere. Which is how we are everywhere too. Entanglement shows that a particle is affected simultaneously wherever it is. In our lives, this means that we do not have to wait for change because on a quantum level it happens immediately. It is our physical beliefs, conditioning, ancestral programming or more, that affects how fast changes occurs in our lives.
Epigenetics is the study of how our genes change based on our life experiences and environment. The genetic code that we were born with doesn’t change but the lifestyle, food, perceptions, thoughts and emotions (beliefs) that we experience changes the expression of these genes. This is ground breaking as it gives hope to millions of people around the world who are suffering from disease that they thought they couldn’t change. By changing the environment (lifestyle, diet, unhappy thoughts and emotions etc.) they can change their DNA and in turn heal their body. DNA is passed down through generations so changing your DNA can positively (or negatively) affect the generations to come too. Once you eliminate beliefs or emotions from your own DNA, it is then eliminated from your children’s DNA, leaving them free to live and experience a better reality too.
Expanded Consciousness
The more expanded our mind is, the higher our levels of consciousness reach. We become enlightened. This could be through self-development, spiritual development, learning, reading, self-reflection and more. It’s about knowing ourselves: Knowing who we are, what we stand for and what we want to be in this physical world. Expanded consciousness leads to expanded energy, which in turn can create a sense of satisfaction, fulfillment and confidence.
Often confused with emotions, feelings are different. I often see them as a frequency, vibration or subtle energy, which we are surrounded by on a daily basis, but in reality they are the conscious understanding or experience of a biological emotion. Terms and expressions, such as ‘gut or intuitive feeling’, “I can’t explain it, I just feel it,” and more have made it a difficult word to describe and it is often used interchangeably with a sensory perception of something. The marketing industry have now fully understood that we buy more when we are made to feel a certain way, so marketing copy is very emotive and geared towards triggering us or tugging at our heart strings. Try not to let your feelings dictate your reality, become more conscious of things, and you will be less manipulated by others.
Frequency Waves
Electromagnetic waves or frequencies that our brain, and the universe around us, operates within. Visible light only makes up less than 1% of the energy field, so we are surrounded by many other waves that we cannot see such as radio waves, x-rays, visible light, gamma rays (space) etc. but we still know they are there because we can see what they create. Just because we can’t see something doesn’t mean it isn’t there and new technologies are starting to prove this to us, such as the camera that shows us what an insect sees; showing us colours that we have never seen before, because they are out of our visible light spectrum.
Higher Mind or Higher Self (superconscious mind)
In metaphysics it is the equivalent of the eighth chakra and is our connection to the quantum field around us. As you can imagine it can also be seen as our consciousness or the soul and is often used interchangeably with many of these concepts. If you like, the higher mind/self is the ‘part’ of consciousness that exists or flows through us. It is said that we hold around 10% of our essence or consciousness and the rest is integrated into the energy field and connected to everything. This is how we can remote view, astral travel, connect with the energy of everything and everyone else, and access higher wisdom about the world around us. As we begin to understand more and more about consciousness, and the science behind spirituality, the higher mind is now being referred to as the superconscious mind.
High-Vibrational Energy/Frequencies
These can be seen as positive feelings, emotions, positive thoughts and more, but what is clear is that we need to make a conscious effort to raise our state of being to a more expanded and raised one. Mindfulness, mediation, prayer, being in the zone, flow, loving what we do etc. can all help but so can being more conscious of what we are putting out there – it’s not about being perfect or even being happy all the time (which isn’t realistic) it’s about being more conscious of our frequencies and those frequencies around us. Love and compassion or enlightenment are the highest frequencies and the more times we can sit in this state, the better our lives will be.
Holographic Universe
This theory works on the basis that our universe (and planet) is a 3 dimensional projection from a 2 dimensional source. If you think of a cinema projecting the film onto the screen then this is what it would look like. Although it sounds farfetched, mathematically speaking, it seems to work well with other theories of the universe, consequently it is a preferred theory by some physicists.
Inner Wisdom
A deep knowing and often referred to as your truth. We all have our own truth and I believe we all need to spend time finding it. Your truth sets you free. Finding your inner wisdom and taking notice of it is, is what sets you apart from the rest. This is who you are.
Although there is no definitive answer on what intuition is or where it comes from, the HeartMath Institute who have been studying the heart for more than two decades believe it is the heart or the wisdom of the heart. Certainly, we can see (measure) that the heart, like the mind and the body, has its own energy field, holding memories and information. And in turn is connected to the energy field, where all information is held. To me intuition feels like our energetic self – the auric field that creates our physical body – and the more we attune ourselves or tap into (create awareness of) our energy body, the stronger our intuition gets. We are now more easily able to access extended wisdom and knowledge and find that we just ‘know’ stuff but don’t really know why. This intuitive aspect of us, could also be seen as quantum entanglement – we are entangling with everything in the universe, even other civilisations, and their thoughts, technologies and innovations.
Low-Level Consciousness
Fixed mindset, ignorance and a lack of self-awareness can be seen as a low level of consciousness. These are people who are acting from their subconscious mind but have no conscious awareness of this, or how it is affecting their lives, and the people around them. If you are reading this book then you will not be in a low level of consciousness. As we become more aware of our actions and thoughts through self-reflection and learning, we start to evolve and grow, thus our levels of consciousness expand and increase. We begin to see (and experience) the world around us with different eyes, thus as our consciousness increases, so do the levels of consciousness we receive in from the energy field around us. It is my belief that as we move more into a higher state of consciousness we will start to see more of what’s really around us in the multiple dimensions that exist ‘around’ us.
Low-Vibrational Energy/Frequencies
As the universe works on attraction, if we are in a low vibrational state of mind, we will be attracting low vibrational thoughts, feelings, messages etc. to us. Attraction and frequency always starts with us. Looking at the amount of trauma, limited thinking, wars, aggression and violence that has happened over the past millennia I can see that humanity is stuck in this low vibrational way of thinking and needs to move out of it. We can move out of it through raising our own frequency and only listening to the high vibrational messages in the world or in the energy field around us. None of us need help with more negative thinking, because we are being fed that every day via our own subconscious minds, the news, our families, the people we work with and more. What we need help with is positive thinking, and feeling, which takes more effort to maintain.
Is the innate ability that all humans possess to create the reality that they want to experience. Ancient cultures and texts have always known of this ability but it was only once quantum physics came into play showing us The Observer Effect that we started to sit up and take more notice. Your thoughts, words and feelings create the reality you live in. Changing your thoughts, words, beliefs and feelings aka the energy of them, changes your life.
A pseudoscience based around the energetic aspects of humans or the universe, that we live in. It is seen as a philosophy or set of beliefs, rather than a science but it is a growing area.  
A meditative practice that facilitates being more present in your body. The science behind being present aka being more conscious is a growing area, showing us that when we make a conscious effort to sit in the present moment our lives can improve. When we use our conscious mind to consciously create our ‘life on purpose’ we are operating in the present moment (which is the only reality we have) and are consciously creating the life we want to live in.
M-Theory unifies all current versions of String Theory and aims to unify quantum mechanics and general relativity. It is working towards providing a theory of everything.
Multiverse Theory
This theory incorporates many theories under its umbrella heading, and covers everything from space, time, matter, energy and information to all the physical laws. It assumes that there are many universes, known as parallel or alternate universes / dimensions, thus Hugh Everett’s many worlds theory comes under it too.
The ability to physically rewire our brains and change our neural pathways so that we create new pathways and networks and in the process a new brain. The old neural networks are physically used to create the new ones so once they have rewired they have rewired forever. We have become a new version of us, and are now interacting with the world and the energy field with a new perspective and state of being.
Is the opposite of placebo and comes about from the negative side effects of someone receiving a placebo, and then experiencing negative side effects from the drug. As they never took the drug, it is a phenomena that they experienced side effects from a sugar pill. It is thought to come from the expectation that they were going to experience side effects from the drug so they did, which shows the power of belief. This expectation of something happening is now beginning to show up in quantum physics too with recent research in the double slit experiment and consciousness. See below.
Observer Effect
The phenomena that shows that when energy is observed it becomes matter (a particle) and when it’s not being observed anymore it reverts back to energy waves. In fact they are both, energy and matter, all the time, and it depends on us, as to what we see. Quantum physics has now moved this theory onto the participant, instead of the observer. The observers, become participants (or co-creators) as their expectations and thoughts are brought into being by consciousness. What they expect to see, they see. We are manifesting or creating the universe with our own thoughts and emotions.
In all drug experiments a certain number of participants receive a sugar pill, known as a placebo, and astonishingly, anywhere from 10% to 100% of participants have a reduction of symptoms or heal from their illness. It is thought that this comes about from the power of belief and expectation.
Is an ionized gas and the fourth state of matter. All waves need a medium to travel through (see Quantum Fields below) and the universe is made up of 99.9% plasma, so electromagnetic frequencies or electricity travel through this plasma, creating forms such as lightening and fire. Read more in the Electric Universe Theory.
Quantum Physics
This science studies the subatomic and invisible world and as technology increases so too does our knowledge and understanding of the invisible energy field that we exist in.  
Quantum Fields
The subatomic world is made up of invisible quantum subatomic fields, that influence our universe (the electromagnetic field or gravitational fields to name two). Fields are the medium in which energy is carried in the form of waves. It is from these fields of energy that particles emerge. Fields are infinite and are continuously flowing, moving and being drawn and repelled to other fields. It is thought that the mind moves in the same way as the fields do, and when the field interacts with another field, a particle emerges and an idea begins to take form. Hence ideas come from the quantum field, and we download them into our brains. The brain is a receiver of information, not a generator.
Reticular Activating System
An arousal system in our brains that evolved as a way to wake us up to dangers in our environment. It can also act as a filtering system that filters out all unnecessary information so that we can be more focused on survival.
The soul is thought to be our consciousness or energetic aspect of us (when we die this energy leaves our body) and when we connect to this part of us we connect to our authentic self. This unique energetic blueprint is a collection of our past lives (whether a memory or trapped emotion) our core beliefs and values and who we really are but it’s easy to lose this sense of self in this busy, stressed out world. I do believe that our soul came here for a reason, because it makes a lot more sense to me than we just happened to be born as a piece of flesh, flaying around in the wind, that then dies. Consciousness and the universe create order, as does mother nature, so why would we be the exception to that rule? This does not mean that you have to have a ‘higher purpose’ though, it simply means that you came here for a reason and in my experience figuring out what that reason is (aka what do you want to do with this life) can bring real lasting fulfilment, meaning and happiness. Even if you only came here to eat ice cream!
Source Energy
The central source of energy from the energy field, which can also be seen as the most high vibrational energy of all. It is sometimes referred to as the god frequency and many people know it as god. Source is a singularity of consciousness, which is why I have often felt that we are all Source. We are all god. And when we feel connected and loved by god, it is because we are more connected to ourselves. Our destiny is to completely and absolutely, without hesitation, love ourselves.
Because I like to categorize things so I can understand them better, my own personal belief is that spirit is different frequencies which are continuously channelling in from the energy field all the time as they flow through us sparking new ideas, creativity and innovation. Maybe even archetypal or elemental frequencies? I have noticed that it can feel childlike, fun and innocent to many people, so maybe this is the energy field bringing them what they need at that time. An inner child healing. Or maybe it reminds them of their happy childhood and a time before their brainwaves changed and they lost their connection to the energy field and spirit around them. Between the ages of 4 and 5, we are in the Theta brainwave state and as such can see more of ‘spirit’ and the energy field around us. Spirit can also be seen as consciousness, and as there are no fixed definitions, it only depends on what resonates with you more.
The part of our mind that is hidden from us as we don’t have direct access to it. It can be equated to the limbic brain, which is the oldest part of our brain. Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung felt it was where all the memories from our childhood were stored, and as such we can access them to help us work through issues from our younger years. If you imagine the mind as an iceberg, then the conscious mind would be the tip above the sea and the subconscious would be the 95% of the rest of it under the ocean. See Conscious.
Subtle Energy
An umbrella term used to describe the different energies around us, that we can sense but not necessarily see. Our life force or Chi, can be seen as subtle energy, and even what we call the 6th sense.
Wave Particle Duality
A term used in quantum mechanics that every particle or quantum entity can be both a wave (energy) and a particle (matter). It builds on the original concepts of quantum physics but allows for particles without mass too.
Wave Interference
A phenomena where two waves interact or ‘superpose’ with each other causing either a greater (constructive) or lower (destructive) amplitude. Whether they interact constructively or destructively comes from whether they are from the same source or of a similar frequency. The best visual representation of this is if you imagine the ripple on a pond when you throw one stone into the water – it creates a ripple effect outwards. If you then throw in another stone, the ripples start to affect each other causing waves or splashes in the water. This is wave interference.
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