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If you are a coach, practitioner or work with people on a 1:1 setting then you will love this modality. I created it because not only was I continually being asked to teach it to the coaches I work with this but also because I use it in my own coaching practice and it is exceptionally effective.

Essentially it works alongside your own coaching practices, as you explore the problems, issues and baggage of the individual you are working with. Once you have discovered the subconscious programming that is hiding you can then remove it with this shamanic energy healing tool that lets you sweep it out of their mind.

Not only will you witness huge shifts in your client's but your own methods and practices will work faster and more effectively, than if you weren't using this method. Once you have discovered the problems and removed them, the old energy or thought forms are often still hanging around. As long as the problem has gone, they will eventually go too, but if you can remove it all one go - using these shamanic and energetic practices - then your client is going to feel incredibly transformed in one session.

Imagine how fantastic and grateful your client's are going to feel? As a coach with 30 years of experience under my belt, I already know that we don't want our clients to be working with us for years. We want them to heal and move on with their life, because then we feel more successful ourselves. Incorporating energetic practices into your business will allow you to do this, and help to improve your current practices too.

If you are a coach and want to start creating amazing transformations in people's lives then sign up for a 15 minute free consultation to discuss these practices and whether it's right for you now.


Elisabeth is a very hands on coach; and combines both mindset and strategy to get real results. She has helped me pivot in my business; get real clarity, seeing where it fits in the market, what my ideal client looks like, my next steps, and how much I should be charging; my prices have now increased by 25%. 

Anna, Life Coach

Elisabeth re-evaluated my target market and made changes where she simply re-aligned and showed me the best way to approach them by keeping things realistic, simple and cost effective. With her knowledge and expertise, She made improvements in my sales techniques. These changes have had a positive impact on my company giving me clarity about goals.

Rafi, Interior Designer

If you want some help building your brand then I would recommend Elisabeth. She made many recommendations for how we could grow our business, including staffing issues, but it was improving our online visibility and website and adding an online booking system that helped the best. We’ve expanded and had to take on two new members of staff.

Lizzy, Challenging Adventure