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If you work with people one-on-one as a coach, want to heighten your clairvoyance/ psychic senses, heal your body or you already work with energy but are looking for more tools and techniques to deepen your knowledge and skill, then join us on this two day interactive training course where you will learn many new tools that can transform your life and those around you. Plus we will be doing practical workshops so you can start using your new modality straight away.

This modality originates from The Berkeley Psychic Institute, California which has been running it for 40 years. In fact most modalities around today stem from this flagship and pioneering program that is famous for it's effectiveness, scientific background and rigorously tested techniques. It works!

DAY 1.

Energy Reading (clairvoyance)

Following a brief introduction to the two day course, we dive straight into reading your energy, connecting to your higher mind, creating strong protection tools and clearing the energy in the room so we can get the best possible readings for ourselves and our clients.

Healing Master

The Healing Masters job is to heal you and others (via your intention) so that you are not channeling energy through your own body, thus keeping you safe, healthier and more effective as an energy reader and healer. You will be connected to your healing master plus tools and techniques to manage them.


Rose Reading (clairvoyance)

Now that you have connected to your own energy, set up strong and unbreakable shielding methods, and met your healing master. It's time to learn how to read others and for this we use the metaphor of the rose (because its a fractal pattern). This section covers reading past lives, energy compatibility checks, reading the future, creation/manifestation and more.

Energy Reading & Healing Practical Sessions

The last couple of hours of the day are spent taking what we have learnt and reading each other. Taking it in turns we read each other in Zoom break out rooms, where I will be monitoring and assisting those who need help. Now that you have been attuned into this modality and you are working with a healing master this will be far easier to do, and you can start to familiarise yourself more with the invisible field around you via your mind's eye.

DAY 2.

Reading Chakras (clairvoyance)

Information is held as pictures in the body, and we use our clairvoyant skills to read the chakras. The chakras hold information about our past lives and inherited traumas (epigenetics) and this technique allows us to read into these energy blockages so we can heal them via our intentions.

Reading The Aura (clairvoyance)

Once we have mastered reading the chakras, we then broaden our view outwards into the electromagnetic energy field 'around' us. This allows you to access information about the future, creation/manifestation, timelines and more.


Energetic Healing, Christ Force Energy & Psychic Push Ups

Before we end the day with more practice readings and healings, there are 3 more techniques that will allow you to heal other people via the people you are working with, connect to the strongest healing energy in the cosmos and heal your own body in minutes, when you need a fast immunity boost.

Energy Reading & Healing Practical Sessions

We end the day with even deeper clairvoyant readings of each other, where you can begin reading the future and look more deeply at past traumas, to understand what needs healing. We use the strong cosmic energy force to heal stubborn problems, access future timelines and carry out energetic compatibility checks for each other.