Hope is the Stepping Stone to Belief

When I was researching for my book I was surprised to find that hope is a low vibrational energy on the spectrum of the Hertz table of emotions. Why? Because it leaves room for doubt and what we actually need is 100% belief. 100% pure and utter belief in us, our abilities, our strengths and ourselves. Hope is not 100% belief in us, it maybe 99.9%, depending on where you are on the spectrum of this emotion, but it’s not 100%.

In reality though how many of us have this unparalleled belief in ourselves and is hope so bad? After all I wrote my book for small business owners who were struggling with their business growth, and I wanted to give them hope more than anything else.

Luckily, I Iearned there is a place for hope, and it’s what I call The Bridge.

Hope is the bridge between desperation, which is a very low vibration energy, to belief which is a high vibrational energy, and where we all need to be. It’s halfway to your real goals in life (not your second-best ones) and you just need to cross over, and step into the life that you really want to have. One that you love, fulfills you and makes you money at the same time.

When we don’t believe in ourselves or our abilities, we block ourselves from achieving the things that we really want, because our brain deems it to be irrelevant information, and discounts it. Our brain or the amygdala blocks whatever we don’t fully believe in, and stops it from becoming a reality. Anything that blocks this focus needs to be tackled.

Hope is a great start, and certainly if you have come from a place where hope didn’t exist, then just know that you are now on The Bridge, towards 100% belief. You may even be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel, which is good – now it’s just a matter of getting there. How do we do this?

With plasticity, that’s how. Scientists used to think that by the time we got to adulthood, our personalities were set and we couldn’t change ourselves, but we now know this isn’t true; you can actually be, do or have anything you want to be, do or have, but we’ll leave that concept for another day. If you want to get yourself to100% belief in yourself then these are the strategies that will get you there:-

Rewiring your mind using Neuroplasticity

Neuroplasticity is essentially just rewiring your mind to think in a way that serves you better. Our actions come from our thoughts and feelings, which come from our mind. But our mind is split into two different minds. There’s the conscious one, where we know what’s going on in there, and there’s the unconscious one, where we don’t. Unless you we get conscious about it. We can rewire our minds using repetition, such as repeating mantra’s, rewriting our goals, journaling on our limiting beliefs and listening to active or guided meditations.

Understanding when it’s just self-doubt.

We all have moments of self-doubt and lack of confidence so when you feel like this, it’s probably just time to take a break, recharge and shift your mindset back into a more positive one. If you struggle to do this, then start where I began, which was with positive feeling and you can read my blog here. This moment of hesitation, is completely normal and you shouldn’t beat yourself up for this, it’s simply your mind trying to keep you in your ‘comfort zone’ and you will experience it, every time you want to do something new, or take your business up a notch.

Raising our Internal Vibration

Lack of self belief can come from childhood trauma or incorrect perceptions of it, ancestral trauma’s and abuse that Epigenetics tells us we have inherited from our ancestors in our DNA, as much as 40 to maybe even, 100 generations back. When we are not achieving what we want in life, or things are holding us back, then its usually something that’s come through our DNA and we need to do some energy healing or clearing to get to the root of it. We can do this through journaling by ourselves, but it’s quicker to work with an experienced and certified energy healer who knows what they are looking for.

The other aspect of raising our internal vibration is to sit in or embody the feelings of love and compassion as often as we can, as when we do this our vibrational frequency has raised. Modern day living will often bring it back down again – 24/7 stress – but by working on our ‘stuff’ we can begin to raise it forever. Enlightenment is where we are all heading but we don’t have to be perfect, we just have to keep working on ourselves behind the scenes and focus on enjoying our life as much as we can.

if you are feeing out of alignment or stuck in life then book a session here, and we can get you aligned again.


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