How channeling can improve your life and help you to feel happier, clearer and more certain

A few years ago, I started working with a shaman because I felt very inspired to learn how to channel. Now I understand more about channeling I can see that we are all channeling all the time, but conscious channeling – where you work with different frequencies around you – can truly change your life.

When you are an empath or sensitive type (and a sponge) unconscious channeling can take you into depression, confusion, anger, anxiety, frustration and more, as you start to lose your own essence and morph into the essence of others and/or frequencies around you. To live a happier, more productive and successful life, where we are working towards our true dreams; being more grounded to the ‘earth’ – and thus more conscious – whilst channeling more higher vibrational frequencies will help. Which is exactly what conscious channeling will do – we attract the frequency we are giving out. The problems arise when we don’t know what frequency we are giving out…. aka not being conscious enough about our thoughts and not truly knowing what is in our subconscious mind. Exploring our unconscious mind is so important to our success on this planet because this physical body that we live in has limitations which can make things hard.


Channeling is downloading or enabling frequencies (or deeper parts of us) to enter into our own energy field or mind as a consciousness: And as all frequency carries information, along with the frequency comes wisdom, knowledge (and creativity) and new ways of thinking. It is said that our bodies, or consciousness, work on a feedback system with the consciousness of the energy field around it, and in this way, each time we channel (and meditate) our physical bodies get an upgrade. Here are some of the benefits of Channeling:-

  • An upgrade in the expansion of our consciousness.
  • An upgrade in our own healing.
  • An upgrade of wisdom and knowing.
  • And an upgrade of our energetic or psychic selves.

Connecting with higher vibrations around us, enables us to upgrade our physical bodies and not only heal them but also feel more confident, gain increased clarity and feel more certain in our path forward. It allows us to slip into more helpful brainwaves for us that change our body from within and further open up the depths of the subconscious mind (and access more wisdom). Our subconscious minds are 1 million times more powerful than the conscious mind but it’s hard for us to access all the wisdom from it – both channeling and meditation allow us to do this.

Working with a shaman allowed me to come at channeling from a very deep spiritual and energetic level, which I’m supremely grateful for, because not only am I back in touch with who I feel I really am underneath at all, but my intuition and sensitivity has improved greatly too. And my ability to channel is vastly improved as well. These frequencies or this support is always there and when I start to ask questions or if I am struggling with something or have confusion around something, then I know I can connect to these supportive and helpful frequencies for knowledge, wisdom, guidance, unconditional love and support.


Although the shaman and I did a lot of prep work and built up to channeling slowly I definitely felt hesitant and a bit scared but now I can see that it is just a natural part of being a human and it’s wisdom that we have always had at our fingertips – we just haven’t known about it….and probably fear has kept it from exploring it too. But now the world is starting to open up into a much more curious and enlightened place I can see that many people are already practicing channeling on a regular basis. Including some very well known self development guru’s.

I worked with the shaman for around 10 months, so we only started to channel properly towards the end of the year. The rest of the time was opening up my body, eliminating limiting beliefs, raising my vibration and working on fear (held in the first chakra), so by the time I began to channel I was already in a much higher vibrational state than I had been before the year began. During the actual channeling session the sensations were very unusual and you can really feel your body start to change inside: I felt my body start to float, like waves flowing through it, which indicated that my body had not only got more energy in it (energy carries information) but my consciousness has expanded. As the shaman asked me questions I noticed that I was answering in the third person, and although I was fully conscious and aware of what I was saying it didn’t quite sound like me. However I didn’t say much because my mind was so busy trying to work out exactly what was happening. It did feel like the sort of answers I would give anyway, but it was a far more precise, clear and confident response. Since then I have gone on to channel much more and have had many conversations with these frequencies or energies. I often record the answers and I also practice journaling afterwards which is by far the easiest way to do it. It’s called automatic writing and is apparently how everyone begins.


It allows you to see the depth and breadth of your full knowledge and learning to date, and it also grounds you in a way which really helps you to understand the depth and wisdom of your own being. Something which I have found deeply moving and spiritual. In fact, I would say that once you have started channeling on a regular basis, it completely changes or transforms you, and it’s impossible to go back to ‘business as usual’ due to the constant feedback of information between you and The Field around you.

Connecting to this deep wisdom and personal power inside myself has been hugely beneficial. It’s really helped me to get clarity around what I want to do, who I am and why I’m here: Although these sorts of questions are always work-in-progress because we change, grow and evolve every day. I now believe that we are here simply to become the best version of ourselves, and have always felt that self development is the key…probably why I did my Masters in personnel development. But if you feel called to a particular mission, trust in this because this is consciousness connecting with you to keep you on track with your life path. 

The more you channel the faster you change and it can feel hard to keep up with it. As you start to connect more and more with the energy field inside you, and around you, you can begin to get back to your authentic self. That authentic place inside all of us that we tend to lose sight of as we grow up. If you are an empath or a sensitive type it’s very easy to lose your own self identity – we start to forget who we are as we absorb all those frequencies around us and morph into everyone else.

Channeling helps us to realign with ourselves again. And of course every time you channel you receive an upgrade – you get a healing upgrade, a knowledge upgrade, a clarity upgrade and more. You also become more attuned with and initiated to other frequencies around you; which again gives you even more knowledge, clarity and insight: Your body feels healthier, happier and more certain of your path forward. We can still get ‘off’ days but we can always connect to our inner world to get ourselves ‘back to basics’ and ‘grounded’ again. We start to feel a lot more confident in who we are and we rediscover our authentic voice; speaking our truth more and more. And this is certainly something which I have felt a lot over the past year. As you change, your relationships change, your business changes, your life changes. And with the higher vibrational upgrades you’re getting, they improve it all the more you channel.


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