How to manage your energy so you don’t get burnt out

I think we have all felt burnt out in our business but what can we do about it so we can get back to thriving again? Well, I was burnt out a few years ago too, so I do understand and it’s actually what got me into the amazing world of Energy.

We know that burn out is a sign that we are working too hard, and medically speaking it’s a sign that our adrenal glands are exhausted (due to stress and the fight or flight reaction that it sparks) but what if it is actually a sign that you are not managing your energy in the right way for you? Well in my opinion, this is exactly what it is, and for my part, something I feel we have more control over than we think.

In terms of our energy there are 3 main reasons why we get burnt out, and they are:-

  1. You are not working in flow with your energy – releasing blocks and trapped energy in your energy field, so it can flow again.
  2. You are not prioritising your own energy – your own energy (called seniority) is the most important thing in your life and business
  3. You are not leading from the heart – your heart is not only your connection to the energy field, but it’s also your authentic self, why you do this business and where your passions lie. The heart also replenishes your own electromagnetic energy field – keeping you energised, healthy and happy.


  • Start practising a heart focused mediation daily or listen to my easy visualisation technique that got me back to happy here so you can start to raise your internal vibration and rewire your mind back to a happier state.
  • Practice a daily energy cleanse to clear out stagnation, get your energy body grounded inside you (so you can live in the physical world more successfully) and get your energy flowing again. You can listen to a free one here
  • Focus on doing things you love again…and outsource the rest – life is too short to spend all your time working on things you hate doing. There are millions of VA’s and freelancers out in the world right now who are more than happy to help you out, and it’s a good way of sharing the workload and the cash amongst us all.
  • Get yourself energetically aligned, which means looking at what is holding you back, looking at where you have resistance and leading from your heart, so that you can manifest more easily. When we understand that the heart is the thing that is keeping us healthy, happy and connected to the energy field, we can really start to make great strides in our business.
  • Connect to your higher self every day which we connect to through the heart. The higher self knows (that knowing feeling you get) and the heart feels (so it confirms what we already know to be true) and between the two of them they are keeping you on track with your business and life success.


  • Sit down with a pen and paper. Connect to your higher self, which you can do by closing your eyes, taking 3 deep breathes and relaxing into your chair. Set the intention for your ego to switch off or go to sleep. If it helps you can imagine a dial, like a radio dial, which you can focus on turning down until it gets to 0.
  • Now breathe in and pull your awareness (and therefore your energy) back behind your eyes. Lastly, roll your eyeballs forward then upwards. Look out for the bright white light, this is your higher self. When you see this, connect to it and feel it expand inside you.
  • Now you can start asking yourself questions and then feel into the heart for confirmation on the answers. When you feel or know that these answers are correct then trust in yourself and believe yourself. This is correct for you. No one else can tell you what’s right for you and this is fundamental. Whoever you listen to, whoever you talk to, always trust yourself implicitly and don’t let others lead you up their garden path. Follow your own path.

Ask yourself questions such as:-

  • Why am I feeling resistance to this right now?
  • Why am I feeling burnt out in my business?
  • What is it I am scared of facing in my business or life?
  • Why am I not enjoying my business anymore?
  • What is the next step for me in my business right now?
  • What is my true vision for my business or life?

The answers always lie in the questions that you ask and if you are finding it hard to connect to the real answers then try asking in a more heartfelt way. We often get far more clarity (and more manifesting success) when we link things to other people. For example, instead of asking what you need in your business, ask what your customers need from you right now. If you are feeling so burnt out that you simply don’t care about your customers then ask what you can do to make a positive difference in the world right now.

As long as the love is flowing through your heart then you will be fine, as this will replenish it, and in the process, you.

Essentially burn out comes from the mind – overthinking, overworking, overplanning, overdoing etc. – I am not saying that overdoing is wrong – I have some clients who love working 24/7 on their business as it energizes them to achieve more – I am simply saying that it’s all about your energy so listen to what your heart or body is telling you and be guided by this.

Want some help energetically growing your business? Then DM me and let’s discuss.


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