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Ruth Elisabeth Hancock

Ruth Elisabeth Hancock (known as Elisabeth) is a researcher and author of books around the science of spirituality, metaphysics and consciousness.

She dedicates her time to researching, writing and speaking about the nature of reality, lost history and our star ancestry. As well as teaching individuals how to access more of their innate intuitive abilities.


Book - Work Your Energy

The International Best Selling author of WORK YOUR ENERGY: The entrepreneur’s guide to raising your vibration, tapping into higher consciousness and achieving more happiness, wealth and success. 

Using many examples from her own life, and business, this book helps individuals to create a better reality for themselves by using energetic tools and techniques to clear stagnation, release limiting thinking and connect back to their higher mind, intuition and archetypal guides for more clarity, direction and support. 

In particular it focuses on the scientific evidence behind manifestation, a grounded look at the phenomena of channeling and ‘guides’ and how we can mange our own energy better to make our life work better for us 

Work your energy book
“Work Your Energy is a beautifully written, practical guidebook for navigating life and manifesting true abundance. Hancock combines the latest scientific paradigms with spiritual insights that both inspire and incite us to action.”
Micheal Le Flem
Author of Visions of Atlantis

Podcast - work your energy

Elisabeth is the host of Work Your Energy podcast wheere she discusses topics from her books in her logical and down-to-earth way. Whilst interviewing other experts, authors and researchers on spirituality, consciousness, hidden history and metaphysics.

As a business coach but also a spiritual being having a human experience I struggle to explain it this to my husband or my corporate clients. It's awesome to listen to this podcast and understand the science behind the spiritual experience I'm having and share it with others. Just finished listening to karma and free will and absolutely loved it. Yes you can change your reality. You can shift your energy and I loved how you explained Karma.
Business Coach

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Selected guest interviews & media

Juicy Pear Podcast with Wendy Koh

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Tech Talk’s with Lou

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4 part interview series with grey haired model, Caroline Le Bouche

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Public speaking, interviews & events

Elisabeth would love to have the opportunity to speak to you, and your audience, whether it’s for a podcast, vlog, printed media,  academic research, symposium or event. 

She believes that, although she may have only scraped the surface on so many fascinating topics, she has at least some of the questions that need asking and exploring further. It’s only by talking about some of the more uncomfortable aspects of her research, will we ever, really,  start to understand exactly who we are and what sort of a world we really live in.

There are so many areas of research that Elisabeth has investigated, but the ones where she feels she can add the most value to the ongoing conversations are:

  • The current shift in human consciousness
  • What are Ultra-terrestrials? 
  • The science behind manifestation and the holographic universe
  • How to raise your vibration by releasing trauma from this life, and ‘past lives’ (Epigenetic memories)
  • What are spirits, entities and Inter-dimensional beings?
  • What is our star ancestry?
  • Are we Multidimensional?
  • How our beliefs create our reality – and how they can be hacked by people who know how
  • Everything is energy
  • Unity consciousness and the power of the collective
  • How we can all heal ourselves and others, through the phenomena of directing energy 
  • Who or what is the true or new human?
  • What are our true Human Origins?
  • Evidence of Humans being a species that have been genetically dumbed down
  • Do we stem from an amphibian race of humanoids? 
  • Who are the Sasquatch? And how are we able to breed with them? 
  • Our 12 strands of DNA and the 12 dimensions of reality
  • Did giants once exist on our planet and play a fundamental part of our society? 
  • Who are the Anunnaki? 
  • What or who are extraterrestrials? 

“I love how Elizabeth has backed up her findings with science and the way she explains it.”

“I’d previously been aware of energy work – but I needed the scientific information in Elisabeth’s book to fully accept the power of this phenomenon and open my relationship with the energy around me.”

” There are a few books around on this subject but this is the best I read so far!”

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