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All my courses are designed to bridge the gap between science and spirituality and help you reach your full potential


What My Clients Say

"I have a new appreciation for the power and potential of working with energy as a means to healing blocks around money. Ruth has an absolute mine of knowledge and is so absolutely committed to sharing what she has learned and put into practice with her own life. I had incredible results from her guided meditations - something I've never experienced before. Would absolutely recommend any future course that Ruth is offering. It will change your life!"

“The Wealth Consciousness course has opened my life up to a completely new way of understanding money and how it flows in and out of my life. In what feels like a very short space of time I have taken on the learnings and begun to notice amazing, small, but impactful, changes in my life with regards to wealth. There really are many magical moments and synchronicities in life and thanks to Ruth Elisabeth I have begun to open my eyes to them. The work around challenging and exploring limiting beliefs is an ongoing practice and is now a part of my daily life, as I notice more ways in which I get in my own way around money and wealth. What Ruth Elisabeth offers is truly unique and her knowledge of energy work and accessing the higher self is incredible. There is also a huge generosity in how she shares it on the course. If you are feeling stuck around money and can't work out why I highly recommend this course.”

“I've so enjoyed the Wealth Consciousness course and was delighted to be offered work - seemingly out of the blue - at 33% higher rate than before: no mean feat given the current economy. I've been in the group for 4 months, doing group energy healing, ancestral clearing, inner child healing etc. along with the online course, and I've felt big shifts afterwards. It has really helped me to think positive, despite chronic health issues and financial struggles, and to stay on track, whereas in the past such difficulties would lead me to feeling stuck. I've also managed to remain hopeful despite such media coverages re: global financial problems. I really feel the transformation and am so grateful to Ruth Elisabeth and my fellow group members. A heartfelt thank you. “

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