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Podcast Trailer

Welcome to my podcast, which is all things business, energy and mind. I’m Elisabeth Hancock and I’m a business coach and strategist, working with entrepreneurs helping them to grow their companies. A few years ago I discovered energetic thinking and business and I haven’t looked back. I now use it in my own business and those of the people I work with and I just know it will help you in your business too; especially to scale it. But also to enjoy it more, help you to achieve what you want and increase your clarity and confidence. 

Topics I’ll be looking at over the coming weeks are things like – why your business is a reflection of you, how to re-create a business model that energizes you, energetic thinking, how to stop giving away your energy, creating more time and lots, lots more, including some spin off mini-series too! And I’ll be speaking to guest speakers from the world of science, business, mind and soul, all geared towards making you and your business more successful.

What is Energetic Business? In the next episode I’ll talk you through my take on it and how it can help you to grow and achieve the things you want, but let’s just say it all began when I read that “our minds create the reality of our lives, through our thoughts and feelings” which at the time really woke me up, because I wasn’t happy. I became intrigued and started to research it with fascinating results. Having worked in business for well over two decades, I started to see how this could benefit business owners and in particular entrepreneurs or people doing their own thing. If you want to learn more about it then I’ve added a link in the notes, to a free mini course complete with video and workbook, which will explain the process and how you can tap into it to grow.


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