Ascension, Feminine Energy & New Timelines

Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
Ascension, Feminine Energy & New Timelines

This week I interview Marguerite Rigoglioso Ph.D., who is the foremost authority on the history of virgin birth, and the author of the bold new award-winning book The Mystery Tradition of Miraculous Conception: Mary and the Lineage of Virgin Births. Marguerite taught many graduate and undergraduate courses in the US and UK, and in 2012 founded her own Seven Sisters Mystery School, through which she’s been teaching about the Sacred Feminine and mentoring clients on the evolutionary spiritual path. She is also the author of Virgin Mother Goddesses of Antiquity and The Cult of Divine Birth in Ancient Greece. talking about The Fey (the shining ones), interdimensional beings such as Arthur and Guinevere, miraculous conception and the ascension of planet Earth and the feminine Sophia energy. 

We discuss Arthur and Guinevere (encompassing both the masculine and feminine energy) and the Tuatha De Danaan, who are said to be the Shining Ones’ from the ancient texts, myths and the bible, an interdimensional and advanced race of beings, who “went back into the mountains” when the dark forces began to take over the planet. 

Resistance and interference from the invisible realms which are causing many of our 3D problems, not least making it harder to reach our dreams in life or money. If you feel like life is 1 step forwards and 3 steps back, then this may be why. 

Why the veil thickened in our world, who was behind it and why it is starting to lift again during this time in history. 

The curse of karma, which has been manipulated and played with for thousands of years, so we stay in a prison. How karma was only ever supposed to be for 5 generations, but the dark forces twisted it (and made it worse) for their own benefit. 

Why planet earth was created as ‘Garden of Eden’ and how pain and suffering is not our story (or future) – we all came here to thrive. 

The role of the miraculous birth and the evidence of it throughout the ages Plus why it happens and how it’s helping to realign the energies, add DNA to our genepool and shift us into a new timeline. 

The different timelines on our planet and how to know when its time to let one go. Our history is changing, and much of it isn’t even true, so choose the past, present or future timeline that works best for you. This is the essence of multidimensional living and is easier than you think. 

And much more….

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