Have we come from the stars? Part 2

Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
Have we come from the stars? Part 2

In this week’s episode we continue on with our star ancestry and interdimensional selves and look at whether it is real and more importantly, how we have forgotten it.

I start with a quick recap on last week:-

1. Evidence of genetic modification with our chromosomes 2 and 7.

2. Whether we have been physically upgraded by the Anunaki or by consciousness and the morphic field.

3. Evidence of an advanced civilisation and who might they be. Could they have genetically modified us? 

And then move into the difference between extraterrestrial and interdimensional beings, the ‘evidence’ we have so far from the ancient texts and how we can use ‘Reality Shifting’ to shift our own reality now regardless of different dimensions.

Then we dive into the world of portals and whether portals on earth and in space can connect us to different dimensions, or solar systems, and examples of places on earth that are portals (or used to be portals) such as Skinwalker ranch where they have a lot of paranormal activity and have even used thermal imaging to see into other dimensions in time. 

Who are these interdimensional beings? Maybe they are us from different time periods (as everything is happening now) rather than extraterrestrials and ‘little white men’? 

Finally we look at what ‘Base Reality’ is on our planet and the overlays or programs that could have been laid over this base reality in order to create ‘interference’ and more struggle for us.

What are these overlays and how can we get around them using our own energy? 

The world is changing fast as belief systems are crumbling and we finally start stepping into our true power.

The power is inside us and always has been, but the world creates far too many distractions that keep us plugged into the external and away from this internal power source – of consciousness and the energy field.

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