Have we come from the stars?

Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
Have we come from the stars?

This week’s episode I discuss an interesting concept of whether we come from the stars. Something I have been researching since season 3 when I promised to talk about it at a later date. 

It’s a minefield of information, which I have been ploughing through for months, but here is my take on it so far. 

In this episode I look at the genetic mutations or even modifications that occurred in homo sapiens around 200,000 years ago, that turned primates into us – focusing in on chromosome 7 and 2 – and consider the possibility of who or what may have done this, considering the ancient texts, the indigenous cultures and even the bible. 

Although most of us know that we became human due to a series of genetic mutations, the likelihood of this being ‘natural selection’ is so small, it’s considered impossible by many scientists.

Thousands of mutations occurred over a very small timeframe, practically overnight in terms of evolution, and many scientists believe something else happened, especially since we have still not found the missing links – or dozens of missing links, to account for all the changes involved. 

We now have evidence of this ‘something else’ focusing in on the changes in chromosomes 2 and 7, leading to a 76% growth in brain size, the acquisition of compassion and empathy, and the ability to finally develop speech, after having 100 million years without. Chromosome 2 in particular shows signs of having been genetically modified, so who was around 200,000 years ago that could have done this? Maybe an advanced civilisation which we are finding increasingly more evidence of too?

We also look at the possibility of a more metaphysical upgrade via the Morphic field and consciousness and even touch on the theory of Pansmermia, which involves DNA coming to our planet from other star systems via comets, astroids or meteors.

At the end I add some tips to help you get back to a happier state of mind and I also talk about ancestral, childhood or family trauma’s that we can work on to help upgrade our own bodies and get us back to a higher consciousness state of mind, which will help you thrive in this energetic universe that we live in. 

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