How to Untangle from Other People’s Energy Fields

Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
How to Untangle from Other People's Energy Fields

This week’s episode is all about how to untangle from other people’s energy fields, or at least the thoughts and emotions of other people’s energy fields, because we are always entangled with each other, and the universe, via the phenomena of quantum entanglement. 

We start with a brief introduction, look at quantum entanglement and why it’s not always helpful to be entangling with other people’s energy fields.

Then we look at 3 things that you can do to start untangling from others:-

1. Knowing who you are, so you know which thoughts, emotions and words are yours and when they are not. 

2. Setting strong protection tools around your energy space or body so that you can block energies that are not helpful to you. 

3. Having good discernment so you know who to let into your energy space and who not to let in. As well as understand people’s motives and agenda’s more. 

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