The Field of Light – Part 1

Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
The Field of Light - Part 1

In this week’s episode I talk to Betty Kovacs PhD, author, researcher and previous lecturer of symbology and comparative literature, about her book, Merchants of Light.

It focuses on the shaman-mystic-scientist of the past and how our ancestors used to regularly connect with the divine (their inner world and the energy field) through altered states of being until this knowledge of our inner world – and how to access it – was repressed by the Deutronomists in 621BC and then the Roman Church around 313BC which has caused many problems for us today, not least increasing depression worldwide.

There is evidence of our shaman-mystic side dating back in cave art 40,000 years ago or more, where we used to connect to our multidimensional self through altered states of being.

Throughout the ages we have tried to move back into our inner world, and as each renaissance comes in, things improve and artistic creativity and open minded expression makes a come back, only to be squashed again by those that do not want us to connect back to our inner world. Namely the religious leaders, world leaders and coporations who benefit vastly from keeping us transfixed on the external 3D world. 

Jesus was one of those trying to get us to connect back to our internal world, multidimensional self and the power of the heart, along with the gnostics, essenes, Thoth and more so that we could access our full potential (our chakra system) and connect back to the multidimensional universe. 

As more and more of us research these areas we are reaching a point of no turning back, and soon we will all understand our true capabilities and full potential. 

Links from this episode are:- Betty’s Website and book –

NB. You can read a free chapter of Betty’s book by clicking on the link above. 

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