The Field of Light – Part 2

Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
The Field of Light - Part 2

Part 2 of the fascinating and incredible conversation with Betty Kovacs PhD, about her book, Merchants of Light.

The shamans have been trying to tell us that we have lost our connection to the spirit – the feminine – and the creative and intuitive right side of the brain – for centuries. We are too stuck in the analytical mind, and this separation is causing many world problems. We need to use both sides of our brain; connect back to ‘spirit’ (energy) that flows through the mind. 

The Shamans say “we are currently dreaming a terrible dream on our planet but we can wake up and dream a better dream”. We have the power to create a new world together because science is already showing us that we collectively observe this reality into being.

As we talk through her beautifully written, and fascinating book, we discuss the inner world, the shaman-mystic-scientists of our past and look at when this was split. The mystic side was taken over by the church (who then suppressed it, ridiculed it and murdered anyone practising it) and science took on the science or analytical side but they were never meant to be split. They are two sides of the same coin. They are both us.

The mystic side can be viewed as the subconscious mind, which is the visionary, imagery, spiritual aspects of our mind. And the science ‘side’ can be seen as the analytical or conscious side. They are both part of us, and we need both. So now you can understand how ‘cutting out’ half of our own mind is causing mental health problems worldwide. 

At the end we also briefly discuss the following:-

1. The rise of the Narcissist or Alexithymia (now 10% of population): where the hormone from the heart cannot flow to the brain, resulting in lack of compassion and empathy, weak imagination and emotional and social dysfunction. 

2. The full potential of our species and how we can get back to this lost, and repressed, full potential.

3. Evidence of the global flood during the younger dryas period that wiped out our ancient history and the knowledge of who we are and why we are here. 

4. Who are the light beings and multidimensional entities that we connect to through altered states of being? These are the Merchants of Light or the Shining Ones who have been helping humanity time after time. Where do they come from and why do they come to help us? Are these light beings ‘real’ and can we ever ‘see them’ or ‘touch them’ in the physical world? 

5. Transhumanism and the misguided world leaders who believe that the only way out of this ‘mess’, is to become a robot (AI). They have lost their connection to spirit so deeply that they have become pathological and skewed in their thinking. 

6. Ancient aliens and the DNA fusion of chromosome 2, showing that we have possibly been genetically altered or upgraded in some way. The level of genetic knowledge required for such an operation indicates an advanced civilization. 

It’s truly a fascinating conversation. Links from this episode are:- Betty’s Website and book –

NB. You can read a free chapter of Betty’s book by clicking on the link above. 

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