The New Human

Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
The New Human

This week Mary Rodwell and I have a discussion about the new human – the kids who have been incarnating into the planet since 2000 – and chat through concepts from her book, called The New Human. 

These are what Dr Lara Ohlson calls ‘Letter People’ – ADD, ADHD, Aspergers, Austism etc. and we not only know they have different wiring in the brain, but possibly their DNA is different too. In fact all of our DNA is changing…and scientists are baffled!

We talk through the genetic changes that are occurring with humans now, including the sideways insertion of 223 genes – and no one knows how they got there. The 3rd strand of DNA found in a baby in the UK in 2016, and the new codons that are resistant to HIV, and are now said to be in around 3% of the population. 

Where are these genetic, and intelligent, changes coming from? Yes, quantum mutations exist but even geneticists know that this many in such a short space of time is asking questions. But one thing it isn’t is Darwins evolution theory. 

We also look at different case studies from Mary’s book, of young children talking about their past lives, on different planets; knowing why they came to earth and what their purpose is. 

As always we discuss the current state of the world, why we can feel very positive about the future and how the rising energies of the planet is taking us all into a new earth; with new abilities and a multidimensional reality. 

If you are struggling to reach your full potential, just know that your full potential now exists outside of this 3D reality, and we are all moving into a multidimensional existence. 

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