Visions of Atlantis

Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
Visions of Atlantis

This week’s episode I talk to Michael Le Flem about his new book, Visions of Atlantis, which is out now on Amazon. ⁠

As always it’s a very organic discussion where we talk through sections of his book, ancient history, the current state of the world and lots lots more. ⁠

This season (season 4) is all about researching our ancient roots in order to help us reach our full potential; as an individual and a collective. I passionately believe that in order to find out who we are, we need to know where we came from, and there are staggering amounts of evidence proving that there was an advanced ancient race of people, who were technologically superior and thus knew how to harness the laws of nature. ⁠

Where did these people go and are we the descendants of them? ⁠

Michael’s book expertly combines historical evidence and esoteric channeled sessions from Edgar Cayce et al, to provide a more rounded and indepth look at what life was like with this advanced civilisation; and as such sheds light on who humans are today, and how we got to this point.⁠

If you are interested in the truth of pre-diluvian advanced civilisations, how Atlantis mirrors so much of our world today and much much more then listen to this highly informative, humourous and open minded chat that delves into so many different areas, it’s hard to define!⁠

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