Wealth Consciousness Mini Series – Part 1

Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
Wealth Consciousness Mini Series - Part 1

Welcome to Part 1 of my Wealth Consciousness Mini Series!

I called this episode Popping Bubbles because it’s all about journaling which feels like popping bubbles to me – when you get that Aha moment and find a limiting belief or incorrect story that is keeping you stuck, it feels like air has popped from your brain (maybe it has) and you feel lighter, more motivated and the ‘stuckness’ has gone.

I believe Journalling is the most important part of working on our money mindset which is why our mini series starts with this.

I begin by talking you through what limiting beliefs and popping bubbles are, and use a couple of examples from my life and business.

Then I end by giving you 3 journaling techniques that you can start using today to find those limiting beliefs and let them go.

Finally, I add a 4th option which is to join my wealth consciousness group program that launches again in January 2023.

We all work together on our money, mindset and limiting beliefs which makes it far easier. 

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