Wealth Consciousness Mini Series – Part 2

Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
Wealth Consciousness Mini Series - Part 2

Wecome to the 2nd part of my Wealth Consciousness Mini Series and this week it’s all about raising your vibration. 

We start by looking at what raising your vibration means and then move onto 6 vibrational frequencies or states of being that most people are sitting in – but which are very low vibrational and we can’t manifest a better life from a low vibrational place. 

1.  Desperation energy (we need to get out of this one fast, so I give you 2 tips to start using now) 

2.  Impatience energy 

3.  Waiting energy 

4. Denial energy (don’t put yourself in second place) 

5. Resentment / regret energy 

6. Expectation (both low and high depending on intention) 

It’s all about our vibrational frequency, which we can change when we become more intentional and observe ourselves around money.

How do you really feel about money? 







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