What is EMF and how is it harmful to our health?

Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
Ruth Elisabeth Hancock
What is EMF and how is it harmful to our health?

This weeks episode I interview Tim sanders from OMNIA who’s company makes the stickers that I have been using on my screens to rebalance the electromagnetic radiation fields in our home, using a new type of energy called Deca Energy. 
We start by talking about what Deca energy is and who invented it, then launch into consciousness and intention and how this has led the way to this new type of energy, which only responds to love and higher vibrational energy and (luckily) cannot be misused by people seeking to control through lower vibrational frequencies such as fear. 

Many scientists and physicists in the past attribute their inventions and success to accessing the invisible field, and other dimensions, in order to bring their inventions into this 3D realm (like Nikola Tesla) and this is what Ilya Lakosovitch has done too. 

Then we look at the 5G network and the 6,000+ peer reviewed papers which are outlining all sorts of health problems in studies on rats, such as cancers and even a new type of diabetes, called type C. 

The Telecommunication companies were brought before a judge and admitted that they had done no safety testing or checks around wireless, or indeed 5G, at all, reporting that safety tests was not their domain, only the development of new technologies. This negligence is typical of corporations and there should be more laws in place to stop this abuse of our health. 
Humans have never been exposed to as much radiation as they are being now with 5G, and we have no idea of the health implications – the problem is that neither do doctors, so misdiagnosis is a strong possibility, especially around ME type symptoms and mental health problems. 
We could liken this to the cigarette industry, who for years, knew that tobacco was carcinogenic but sat on the information for decades. Now we all know that cigarettes cause cancer but it took decades for this to be talked about publicly and in the meantime many more people died. 
I have discovered that these radiation fields are real (and can be recorded even if we can’t see them) and getting stronger and stronger every day, so protection of some sort is a must. 

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If you are suffering with health issues or want to raise concerns about 5G then you can join Action Against 5G where you will find many interesting stories to consider. https://actionagainst5g.org/

To connect with Tim you can email him on hello@omniabalance.life

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