What My Clients Say

“Really useful! Really great podcast. I like how Elisabeth talks about authenticity and also walks the talk. She has lots of knowledge and shares it in a way that is easily understandable and really helpful! Highly recommend!“

“As a business coach but also a spiritual being having a human experience I struggle to explain this to my husband or my corporate clients. It's awesome to listen to this podcast and understand the science behind the spiritual experience I'm having and share it with others. Just finished listening to karma and free will and absolutely loved it. Yes you can change your reality. You can shift your energy and I loved how you explained Karma.”

“I discovered Ruth’s podcast when I was working with clients on ways to move their businesses forward. None of us had really looked into energy and its influence before and several of them really connected with the idea. I like how Ruth communicates, both on the podcast and her writing style. I’m going to go through the book again as I think you need to dip in and out to remind yourself of the strategies.”

“Really useful and clear. I really enjoyed Elisabeth's exploration of the power of gratefulness, belief and forgiveness this week - it was clear and well-researched, and offered very useful reminders that helped me to refocus and approach my day afresh.“

“Refreshing. Such a refreshing approach to business coaching, which can be a pretty difficult subject to make interesting! I’m not usually one for thinking about energies and using this kind of speak, but actually if I just go with the podcasts I find them really helpful and can totally understand what it means to step into the energy of something. I really like the idea of the power of the mind and how we can harness that power by imagining ourselves in a positive way and by having fun with our thoughts, visions and goals.“

“Conversations that are absolutely pertinent and necessary are the focus of this podcast. I'm sure anyone will enjoy this podcast! It is very sincere and true. Ruth Elisabeth is a genius to me now! I've gained a lot of knowledge and appreciate all the shared experiences. and each episode is so energising and motivating, and it provides the listener with a straightforward next correct action. every sentence used here is meaningful. and special thanks to you and Tim Sanders for sharing your practical experience with electromagnetic radiation in episode 82.”


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