Ascension, 5D and Psychic abilities


Join my Ascension Masterclass where we discuss ascension, moving to a 5D world and how this is enhancing your psychic abilities (as well as look at what they are).



Do you feel like you are changing? Are you able to sense more? Or maybe you are starting to see more around you in the invisible field and you want to understand what is happening to you?

Then join my Masterclass where we discuss ascension, moving to a 5D reality and how this is enhancing, or switching back on your psychic abilities

If the word ‘psychic’ conjures up old ladies with a tea cosy on their head, then join the club – we’ve all been put into that ‘illusion of reality’ to stop us from waking up to our true innate abilities. But you are already psychic or intuitive and as we ascend you are now becoming super psychic.

The elites in this world have been using their psychic abilities for centuries, more commonly known as ‘magic’ but created ‘programs of ridicule’ in us so that we wouldn’t be able to step into our own power and innate abilities. This time is now over and the magic spells that they have been using are disintegrating, so we can all get back to the real us. But who is the real you?

With the ascension of the earth and the waking up of humanity we are shifting and expanding our consciousness, activating our DNA, and nothing can stop it!

Join us as we look at what your super abilities are, in a scientific, logical and evidenced way, that helps you to understand who you really are and what you are doing here.

DATE: 08 November 2023
TIME: 4pm (UK), 8pm (Dubai), 11am (EST), 8am (Pacific Time)
DURATION: 2 hours
TOPIC: Ascension, 5D & Psychic abilities
PRICE: GBP25 / $25
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