Connecting to Consciousness


Join us in this interactive Masterclass online where we connect with consciousness (energy) and learn to read, hear and see it.



Join us in this interactive Masterclass where we take a look at your consciousness, and the consciousness of The Field, so you can learn what consciousness is, how to connect with yours and how to connect with other people’s consciousness or ‘energy’ too.

Science is showing us that consciousness is possibly an intelligent field that animates us, as we are born, and lives through us, as well as being us. We are all co-creators with consciousness and are all part of it. As we take on a human life, we become an individual, but when we die, we become part of the field of consciousness yet again.

But what does this mean for us in this lifetime and how can it help us to create a better life?

In this Masterclass you will connect with consciousness, talk to it, and learn how to hear the answers, so you can be guided in life.

You will also learn how to read the consciousness of others and take away a little trick to help you find out who is compatible for you in your life, and who may not be, as we match the energy of you to someone else.

DATE: 11 October 2023
TIME: 4pm (UK), 7pm (Dubai), 11am (EST), 8am (Pacific Time)
DURATION: 2 hours
TOPIC: Connecting to Consciousness
Price: GBP25 / $25
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