Connecting to your Superconscious (Higher) Mind




This is a guided meditation to help you access more wisdom and answers from inside your physical and energy body. Our superconscious mind, also known as the higher self or higher mind, is the expanded version of us: Our consciousness.

Only around 10% of consciousness – the energy field – is ‘held’ inside our physical body. The rest is integrated into The Field that we exist in and are part of – which holds all the information since time began. The Akashic field.

When we connect back to our higher mind, we connect back to all this wisdom, and the more we connect, we deeper we can go, back inside our own minds, and the energy field around us.

Disclaimer: These guided meditations are for ‘entertainment’ purposes only and are not supposed to replace the advice of a professional doctor or psychiatrist. If you are suffering from any mental health issues or health related issues, please see your doctor who can help you put together a plan of action.

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