The Art of Channeling


Join this paid Masterclass and learn the art of channeling – what it is, how to do it and how to protect yourself. You will also experience a demonstration, as well as try it for yourself.



Channeling is one of the most amazing meditative techniques I have ever learnt, and is not only an incredible spiritual experience but is also very therapeutic.

Y0u can access so much knowledge and wisdom by connecting to the consciousness of other people, entities and beings that also live in this quantum field we call the multiverse.

It gives you wisdom, support, clarity and guidance, as well as information, so it is perfect for those days when you feel in need of a boost or when you want to feel an inner connection to others.

We live alongside the consciousness or energy of millions of other species, realms and parallel universes and as energy is all one long energy wave, we are all one being. This is The Law of One as channeled by Amun Ra. Thus channeling is also connecting to your inner self.

As with all your super abilities it can take practice, but just know that you are channeling every day anyway, so it’s only about bringing your attention to it, so you can hone your skills and become better. Like everything it’s a skill that can be improved.

Join us for this 2 hour interactive Masterclass on Zoom.

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