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OMNIA Radiation Balancer (pendants)




A pendant that you can wear to protect your body from harmful rays which turns them into harmonising ones for your body.

Every day we are bombarded by EMF fields that are causing a huge amount of unseen problems in our bodies, compromising our health and the health of our children and aging us, and yet the world is showing no signs of slowing down on rolling out these new technologies – 5G was the last one to be rolled out and 6G will be coming soon enough.

Symptoms can be tiredness, heaviness or sluggish feelings, ME type symptoms or even hyperactivity or ADHD symptoms in children and more. This is a new area for humans and we are all guinea pigs for these fast changing technologies but we do know that they are compromising our health.

They also come in stickers that you can stick to all your devices and balance the harmful radiation fields turning them into beneficial ones. CLICK HERE



Padauk colour – $76

Ebony colour – $80

Pink Ivory colour – $80


Padauk colour – $76

Ebony colour – $80

Pink Ivory colour – $80

Purchase from this LINK and receive 10% discount using the code WORKYOURENERGY10 (type it in at the checkout box).


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