Remote Viewing


Join us in this interactive Masterclass online where you will learn what remote viewing is, how to do it, and how to protect your space before you enter the quantum field. 



Join us in this interactive Masterclass where you will discover what remote viewing is and learn how to do it. Some people pick it up straight away, whereas others have to practice but either way you will get the tools you need to be able to do it yourself at home. PLUS you will learn protection tools, as you never know who is in the field of energy aka the invisible field. They can see and sense you, as you can them, so protection is vital and required.

In this field everything can be seen, and as past, present and future all exist now, we can remote view anything, anywhere and in any time period.

This useful tool is good for finding lost things (and people), ancient information that has been lost to time or understanding more about people – their agenda’s, personalities and past.

Join us in this interactive Masterclass where you will learn more about yourself, the quantum field that you exist in and consciousness.
DATE: 13 December 2023
TIME: 4pm (UK), 8pm (Dubai), 11am (EST), 8am (Pacific Time)
DURATION: 2 hours
TOPIC: Remote Viewing
PRICE: GBP25 / $25
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