Setting Energetic Boundaries




Because we live in a 3rd Dimensional world, which consists of low vibrational and high vibrational frequencies, we are surrounded by a lot of low vibrational frequencies, which we can take on as our own. If we have no conscious awareness or understanding of this then we don’t know that we have attracted low vibrational frequencies to us which could be hanging around.

This active meditation will clear your energy field of low vibrational ‘entities’ (which are just frequencies) and get them out of your field helping you to move forward in a more high vibrational way. And thus interact with the energy field around you in a more high vibrational way too – which in turn works on a feedback loop with you, upgrading your DNA and improving your life.

This meditation forms part of the Energy Mastery 4-week Course, so if you are thinking about doing the course then don’t purchase this audio, because you will get it in week 2 of the course.

If you only wish to buy this meditation and not the full 4-week course, then please decide on a symbol that you can use during the meditation when it prompts you do so. This could be the Merkaba, a cube, a rose, a key or anything else you feel called to use.

Disclaimer: please note that energy healing is still an area of research and we are learning more every day. I am not a doctor and these guided meditations are not supposed to replace the advice of a doctor. If you are suffering from depression, mental health issues or other health issues, please see your doctor who can help you put together a plan of action.


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