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Wealth Consciousness Group Program




If you are struggling to make the money you want, then this course is for you. Focusing on releasing limited thinking through belief work, whilst incorporating financial tracking and goal setting, this is a comprehensive but straight forward course, that everyone can benefit from. It comes with life time access – because we need to do money manifesting forever (or until we are billionaire’s anyway…there is always more money to make!) – and connection to like minded people in the accompanying Facebook Group: Where we share our wins, work through the course together, and bust through our limiting beliefs.

Here is a breakdown of what’s involved, but the secret to money manifestation is not how much you learn, it’s how often you do it, which is why we will be turning our attention to making more money twice a year in our community.

Week 1

Getting into our subconscious mind through journaling, is where we start, so we can find out what hidden beliefs, ancestral trauma’s and saboteurs we have in there that are tripping us up. Then we create awareness around them, whilst eliminating them in the Group Coaching session this week using ‘creator energy’ and intuitive work.

Tools: Journalling workbook, meditation to connect to the Higher Mind and access to my Free Daily Cleanse Meditation that I use every day to clear my energy centre’s out and start the day feeling great.

Group Coaching: Energy Healing, Intuitive Digging, Belief Work & Energy Clearing

Week 2

Keeping our vibration high is crucial for manifesting what we want, and as we want more money, this is where our focus lies this week. Using tools and meditations to start rewiring your neural pathways and get you back to that high vibrational platform of creation is what this week is about, and is a truly transformational week for many.

Tools: Money mantra meditation + theta brainwave music for faster results, Love Letter to Money workbook.

Group Coaching: Energy Healing, Intuitive Digging, Belief Work & Energy Clearing

Week 3

This week we start to really drill down on our money goals, and financial ‘upper limits’ whilst focusing our attention to making more money in our life and tracking our finances. When we do this we switch on the reticular activating system in the brain, which then goes out and starts searching for what you want in the energy field. Learning about your upper limits will blow your mind and help you to see how true money manifestation works!

Tools: Simple or Advanced Excel spreadsheets to track your finances / money, Creating a money goals vision board, Workbook on Upper Limits.

Group Coaching: Energy Healing, Intuitive Digging, Belief Work & Energy Clearing

Week 4

Our habits are what create our lives, because nothing happens overnight, and we need to keep doing it. So this week we start creating long lasting behaviours, rituals and lifestyle changes in order to step into that wealth consciousness mindset that is our innate birth right and which has been kept hidden from us for thousands of years.

Tools: Gratitude List, Afforemations, affirmations and mantra’s to rewire your subconscious mind into a positive mindset, Feng Shui practices for the home.

Group Coaching: Energy Healing, Intuitive Digging, Belief Work & Energy Clearing



Group coaching sessions will be done over Zoom or through FB Lives, Replays will always be available.

** please note that you will have access to the online course forever, but group coaching/FB Lives may not be done forever and I reserve the right to change, cancel or outsource them if required).

Any questions send me an email to elisabeth@elisabethhancock.com 


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