What is Energy?


What does energy mean? What is consciousness? And why do we need to re-activate our DNA at this time? Join us in this interactive Masterclass, ONLINE. 



You probably hear a lot about energy, energetics, spirit and consciousness, but what do these terms really mean? And how do they affect your life?

Everything is made of energy, and waves (energy) and particles (matter) are two sides of the same coin. Consciousness drives this field of energy and is what our ancestors called God. Electromagnetism (feminine) and electricity (masculine) makeup the universe but they have become vastly unbalanced in our world, affecting our health, psyche and life.

Opening up our energy channels is the same thing as spiritual awakening, which gets our kundalini energy flowing up through the body again. But it’s science and not separate to us. It is part of us and who we really are. Spiritual is not a club, cult or religion, it is your connection to the energetic part of yourself – your soul or your psyche – and once you reconnect back to this part of you, your life will transform in so many ways.

In this Masterclass we will discuss what energy and consciousness are and how they relate to spirit and your soul, and then do some meditations to help you connect back to your energy, open up your energy channels, re-activate your DNA and run kundalini energy through your body.

DATE: 19 September 2023
TIME: 4pm (UK), 7pm (Dubai), 11am (EST), 8am (Pacific Time)
DURATION: 2 hours
TOPIC: What is Energy?
PRICE: GBP25 / $25
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