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Most self help books will tell you that life is 20% strategy, and 80% mindset: But what most people don’t know is that the mind works in harmony with your energy, via your heart, and it’s your energy that creates your success.

This book will not only activate dormant wisdom in you – thus waking up your energy world – but it will also teach you how to tap into and harness this energy for a more successful and happier life. Everything is energy, and everything has a unique frequency of it’s own; including your business!


Work Your Energy explains how to tap into and benefit from the collective energy field to help you realign yourself. It provides practical strategies for connecting to your soul and harnessing the energy within and around you to rebuild a better life and business.

You will:

  • Understand how emotions work and how you are connected to the wider universe all the time
  • Learn how to create a sustainable life and career that engages you and works in harmony with your energy
  • Find out how to raise your frequency so you are a vibrational match to your dreams and goals
  • Discover the secrets to a more successful life and the steps that will take you there
  • Learn how to determine your souls purpose, energetically align your life and awaken the power within you

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