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Psychic Development

Psychic Development

Learn how to access your innate psychic skills and the multidimensional world. If you have ever felt like there is a power inside you that feels huge - there is. It's in all of us and this program will teach you how to access it and use it to have a brilliant life

Thank you so much Ruth Elisabeth for the healing sessions. It was indeed much needed, it was tough but it was the growth i needed in order to move ahead and release my trapped fear at a soul level. The depth of connection, I felt, I had never experienced before and it was quiet profound in many ways. You’re a very powerful medium as an energy channel and I am glad to have experienced this theta healing with you

I have been having a lot of health issues since January this year and a constant dry cough which had been keeping me up throughout the night as well. After just one quantum hypnosis session with Ruth Elisabeth I started feeling better, my cough has reduced significantly and has not been waking me up at night. Elisabeth is so warm and friendly and made me feel safe and comfortable during the sessions.

Ruth Elisabeth has a diverse yet deep knowledge about healing methods across many disciplines. I underwent the QHHT session with her to understand how my past lives were affecting my health and emotional fears in this life. She delivered clear and definitive learning that has helped me understand not only my mental but also physical self better. I cannot recommend a session with her enough.


Science has moved on and we now understand that psychic development is simply helping us get back to who we truly are so we connect back to our multidimensional selves and world. As we move into a 5D world, many of us are starting to feel different because we are waking up from centuries of suppression and persecution. Learning how to access these skills is your birthright and who you really are. Don't let fear turn you away from the real you.

You can choose from a one off session to check your energy, discover your psychic strengths or help you get energetically aligned, to a 8 week or 12 week program where you can learn how to access your psychic skills, connect to guides and those that have passed over, or learn how to heal yourself and the people around you. Or you can even sign up to the teachers course and learn the entire modality which is 12 months long!

How does it work?.

Programs start from 8 weeks/modules, because everyone has to begin with learning Intuitive Reading & Energy Healing. This provides you with protection, self healing and clairvoyance so you can start intuitively connecting with the quantum field and become multidimensional.

After this you can then choose from:

Mediumship, akashic record reading, past life regression, reading life paths, spirit guides, psychic surgery, ascended masters, karma release and lots more. Book a consultation and learn more.